Baccarat game and rules, guides

Card games continue to be relevant more than 10 centuries. Baccarat also belongs to these pastimes. A decade ago, it was possible to play it using the paper deck only but now this archaism is frequently ignored. Currently, each person may play «21 for aristocrats» on the PC or phone screen in case if an Internet connection is available.


There are original and advanced rules which differ in a possibility of drawing additional cards from the deck. In modern interpretation, a game is called Punto Banco. The only difference from the classic version is that you cannot voluntarily draw the third card.


The gaming table in Baccarat

So it looks like a gaming table in an online establishment


For playing Baccarat, you need to know its rules and be aware of its strategy. After coming to understand this information on the given game’s peculiarities, you will be able to win more often.



Historical background

The history of the baccarat game

There is no reliable information on the Punto Bancoʻs origin. This gambling is widely spread in Italy and France where it is called a railroad (chemin de fer). Most people believe that the history of this game takes its rise from here but ongoing debates still take place.


A popular legend has it that this game was invented by an Italian gambler named Felix Falguiere, based on Taro. Its creator followed the story of Etruscan rituals. It was believed that ancient priests took virgins to the altar and threw the dice. This was the way to worship gods. If their throw was 8 or 9, a girl was crowned a priestess. If they threw from 5 to 7, her life was spared and in case of 5 or under she was sent to the bottom of the sea.


From the fifteenth century, Punto Banco caught the fancy of high aristocratic society, after the established ace-king-queen- jack format had become widely used. At the beginning of the last century, this game became available for everyone. Those were the days when the aristocracy’s entertainments have gradually becoming available for common people. At the beginning of 2000, the gamblers started playing this game online along with thousands of other card games.


Rules of Baccarat game

The aim of Punto Banco game is to reach a maximum total of 9 points which 2 or 3 cards. If no one managed to do this, the hand that comes closest to 9 points wins the round. The session looks like this:


Rules of this card game

  1. A gambler chooses who to bet on;
  2. The number and cost price of chips is indicated (generally, from $0,5 to $100);
  3. When started, a dealer deals the player and himself both two cards.
  4. The value is summarized. The player reaching 9 points (or from 6 to 8 given that his opponent has the less point totals) wins the round.


In some games, the bets on the Perfect Pair (two equal suits and values), the Small Pair (2s, 3s), the Small (a combination of 2, 3 or an ace) and the Banker Pair are available on the layout. Additional bets have the increased odds. For example, they are from 5:1 to 51:1 in Punto Banco from Playtech.


Cards from 2 to 9 have the same number of points as their nominal value. 10, Jack, Queen and King count as zero (in the real game, they are taken away out of the deck). An ace counts as one. If the total of the points equals 10 or higher, 10 points are subtracted. For example, double 9 add up to 18. Subtract 10 from it and you will get 8 points. If the total of nominal values turned out to be less than 5, one more card is dealt.


In the traditional version of rules, the gamblers can draw the third additional card. It is allowable if you deal among your friends, using the paper deck. Online casinos discourage such system of rules. Besides, the number and the frequency of deals are strictly regulated.


Watch this four-minute video. It briefly describes rules, effective strategies and bets:


Peculiarities of Punto Banco at online casinos

The second name of this game is Punto Banco

Along with classic card playing with the participation of several gamblers and the banker, there is also a possibility to place bets while watching the other gamblers to play Punto Banco. They may be both real people and programs. In the first case, you place your bet, keeping an eye on the session by analogy with Pokerstars. In the latter case, you do not need adapting yourself to other players – you may watch and try to predict the outcome any time and as much as you like.


Punto is when you bet against the bank. If you consider a receiver to be a winner, place your chips at that very part of the screen, which is marked as «player». The odds are 1:1. You will double your money if the session ends to your benefit;


Banco is when you bet on the dealer. If the electronic croupier wins, the odds will be equal to 1:1 with the deduction of 5% commission;


Tie is when neither the player nor the bank win. It is the most unlikely outcome. The tie takes place when the croupier deals cards the total of which is equal to 8. For example, you have 2+6, and the dealer has 4+4. Then the croupier deals one more card for each of them. In case of the equal result, this round ends in a tie.


Distribution of cards in online casino

The game played against the dealer


If 5 or less points are drawn, the player obligatory gets a card from the deck. However, the banker will get it in case of 4 or less ones. If the croupier has 5 points, the decision as for drawing one more card is taken with account of the receiverʻs deal. The tie bet outcome is equal to 9 or 8:1.


Effective strategy

Chips of different values

A proper strategy of any card game should be formed taking into account the theory of probability. The same goes for Baccarat. One of these three case scenarios decides the outcome of your bets:

  1. Banco wins;
  2. Punto wins;
  3. Tie


The odds of the third variant are 1:12. A chance of guessing such outcome is 8%. The first and the second ones are equivalent, so they are equally paid. A chance of getting winnings when betting with the dealer or the player is 41%. Remember that the croupier has preferences. They are insignificant but may play into your hands. For example, they include the power to decide whether to draw the 3rd card if the total of points is equal to 5 or not.


There exist the following bet schemes:

  • If someone comes out on top several times in a row, the round on the loser with the amount overtrumped a series of losing bets is played;
  • Bet on zero or a tie. The essence is that you get back your money to zero, guess, get a sum of money in addition to one session and play for a tie. The odds are 1:12 but you lose nothing, break even and in case of the successful outcome get a twelvefold reward. It is the most popular and effective strategy;
  • Always bet on a tie. It is a controversial scheme but it makes it possible to hold back 10-20% in addition to your own bank.


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