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Gambling on the internet is evolving by the day. Online casino news are what brings it all closer to the players, as they can’t cope themselves with the diversity and quantity of developments in the realm of online casinos. Without a healthy amount of timely reports on the latest accomplishments, upgrades, expansions, promotions, site launches and game releases, online bettors would be in the dark. They would conduct time-consuming web searches in pursuit of subjects of their interest, not knowing where to turn to and where to go for reference. A quick search will sometimes reveal thousands of related webpages, and you’d have to go through them alone, sorting out the outdated items from the ones that are current and useful. In this lies the importance of having a trustworthy, up-to-date casino guide to rely on.


AllStarsCasinos gathers around a team of web diggers and skilled writers with an enormous knowledge and deep understanding of the online gambling world to bring you the best selection of recent news items on the industry, casino sites, popular games, software and bonus rewards. Having read what you need to know here first, you’ll be well prepared to tackle that welcome bonus or that new casino venue – you’ll know what to expect. Online betting is a fast-paced hobby, and only with proper assistance can one stay afloat and up to the task. Only the hottest pieces of information will be presented here for your eyes only, and eyes of your fellow gamblers.

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Understanding the Pros and Cons of Gambling

Gambling has been one of the more popular pastimes around over the years. But the pros and cons of gambling […]

How to Avoid Online Casino Scams

It should be fun for you to head out to an online casino to enjoy a variety of fun games. […]

A Look at Gambling in Australia

It has become very clear in recent time that people all around Australia have been exceptionally interested in casino gaming […]

What Are the Largest Casinos in Europe?

The thrill of gaming has taken Europe by storm over the years as most countries around the continent have their […]

A Look At the History of Gambling in Canada

Canada has become a popular country for all sorts of gambling activities. But gambling in Canada was not always welcome. […]

Casino Baccarat Makes For a Fun Game

One of the more traditional games to play at any kind of casino is baccarat. The game of casino baccarat […]

Casino Developments All Around the World

It is exciting to see how there are all sorts of casinos opening up all around the world. Some of […]

2017 AffiliateCon Sofia Conference Coming September 12 in Bulgaria

Sofia, Bulgaria will be home to the 2017 AffiliateCon conference. This event is to be held on September 12-13. This […]

New York State Senate To Look Into Online Poker Bill

An online poker bill has been reviewed by the New York State Senate in recent time but to no avail. […]

Uncertainty Is Abound in Connecticut’s Effort to Expand Gaming

The Connecticut government has been at odds over how gaming activities are to be expanded in a few parts of […]

Florida Aiming to Get Consensus on Gambling Changes

The Florida state government has been trying to get a series of gambling amendments to pass. The state Supreme Court […]

UK Horse Racing Betting Levy Changes Supported By European Commission

The European Commission has given the green light for the United Kingdom to pass its newest laws regarding horse racing […]

Melco-Hard Rock Satellite Casino Opening Soon in Cyprus

The first ever Melco-Hard Rock Satellite Casino will be opening very soon in Cyprus. It will open in the summer […]

UK Election Limits FOBT Review

The recent general election in the United Kingdom that had been announced by the prime minister ended up putting a […]

Russian Gaming Week Occurred June 2017

The eleventh annual Russian Gaming Week occurred recently in June 2017. The event was run by Smile-Expo, a popular exhibition […]

ASA Outlaws Misleading Bingo Ad From Gala Bingo

The Advertising Standards Authority has punished Gala Bingo for promoting a television advertisement in February 2017 that was found to […]

Connecticut House Endorses Gambling Expansion Bill

A major gambling expansion bill was supported by the Connecticut House. This would allow Indian tribes in the state to […]

Pennsylvania State House Endorses Gambling Expansion Bill, Senate is Next

A major move to expand upon the gambling activities that can be supported in the state of Pennsylvania has recently […]

Hidden Gems Promo from Casino Luck

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for our latest exciting promo… Hidden Gems is the name in Casino Luck, and free […]

Massachusetts Still Aiming to Look Into Online Gambling

The Massachusetts Special Commission on Online Gaming, Fantasy Sports Gaming and Daily Fantasy Sports has been holding meetings in recent […]


Is Reporting on Casinos Truly Relevant?

We would argue that casino news is one of the more relevant aspects of one’s continuing education as an active gambler. Sure, you can go on and gamble as much as you please without reading a single piece of casino news, but you’ll be missing out on so much for sure. There will be thousands of online bettors in front of you, trying out something you haven’t even heard of, let alone had the chance to experience. Reading journalistic takes on casino themes is not obligatory, but it is extremely helpful and informative, often enough even fun and entertaining.


When a person takes interest in something, it’s normal to see that person doing research and trying to stay up to date with the events and developments related to the point of interest. The same applies to casino websites and their various aspects. As soon as you join your first casino, chances are you’ll want to find out as much as you can how online casinos work, what types of games are there, which suppliers cater to your local market, how different payment methods compare to one another etc. This is the exact reason why news reports, essays, articles, studies and analytical commentaries exist – to give you that much needed knowledge and update it from then on.


What Are Casino News About?

Online casino news can be written on so many different subjects, depending to the current situation on the market. Sometimes new casino launches can be the biggest piece of news, while on other occasions the mergers of two software companies fill in pages of internet content. Other than breaking news, there are a lot of articles on subjects which are always popular and never seize to attract the interest of readers. Reports on casino operations, game ratings, announcements from software companies, news on regulation changes – these are all potential stories, waiting to be written.


Casino Promotions

One of the most frequent news articles you can find on the web, and here on our page, are pieces about recent casino promotions and bonus offers. Staying informed is crucial when it comes to promotions, as a lot of promo deals are time-sensitive and can be easily missed. We try our best to cover tournaments, welcome bonuses and other one-time or regular promo campaigns at reputable casino venues, and provide you with a set of elaborated articles you can put to good use.


The Online Gambling Industry

A fair share of interesting news comes from the realm of industrial development. Not machines or anything of the sort – we’re referring to software solutions, ones that have excellent appliance in online casino environments. Every now and then a software company will invent some platform upgrade to improve the overall performance of casino games or facilitate other casino-related services, and that is something worth writing about. Cooperation among well-known developers is always an interesting read, as well as expansions across new jurisdictions.


Some of the other subjects casino enthusiasts often write about are:

  1. Reports on Big Winnings – whenever a big progressive jackpot gets paid out, you’ll be the first to read about it in gambling news sections like ours.
  2. Payout Comparisons – players like to know more about payout rates and how do different games compare in regards to house edges and payout limits.
  3. Software Comparisons – news writers often compare similar products from different providers, or make commentaries on the overall attitude toward software development that various companies have assumed.
  4. Strategy Articles – maybe most sought-out news items, strategy articles are the go-to place when you need some tips and tricks to improve your gambling routine. Strategy articles can also be descriptive; they can introduce theories, suggestions and advices rather than actual strategies.
  5. Game Features – since various games have different features, writing about them makes them simpler for interpretation. Innovative features, bonus rounds and special mini-games included into basic gameplay deserve to be talked about among the online gambling community.
  6. Gambling and Psychology – a fair number of articles deals with the behavior of people who gamble and the effects of gambling on various mental profiles.
  7. Articles on Licenses and Regulation – as one of the most important aspects of safe gambling online, licensing and regulation can often be ‘the talk of the town’. Since laws and regulations change at a fast pace, and players need to know about these things, news reports are a great informative platform for such publications.
  8. Currencies and Banking Methods – news items on payment methods and supported currencies.
  9. Gaming Expo Events – pieces on award ceremonies and expo events around the world.
  10. General Casino History Articles – interesting texts about casino history and accounts on popular games of chance through recorded history.