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To be able to make all the right decisions in the big, chaotic world of online gambling games, you can always use a fine set of tools provided by experts in internet gambling, like the AllStarsCasinos staff. Reading online casino articles has proven to be a handy tool that contributes to a deeper understanding of both the important and the very latest developments in the online gambling industry. As the industry evolves with each new day, so do interesting and useful pieces of information appear on the horizon.


AllStarsCasinos wants to give you a helping hand while you’re doing your studies on recent and relevant happenings in the online gambling universe. Our archive of news items, reports and commentaries on multiple subjects is published on this page. The listed titles have been added to our directory this far, and more will join them in the future.

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The Importance of Casino Articles

We know journalism is the platform where all the relevant data is published, so it comes as no surprise that so many articles on online casinos are written regularly. Constant new developments and exciting ways of approaching gambling online have made way to resourceful, analytical thinking of casino enthusiasts with tendencies to write and share their conclusions with the world. Luckily for them, there are so many things to learn and understand about games of chance on the internet, even if one is an experienced online bettor.


And for a beginner, elaborate online casino articles like the ones listed here are an absolute must. With every skill and level of knowledge, one needs to be up to date with things. The same applies to gamblers’ engagements to casino games.


Imagine not perfecting yourself in your profession. Soon, your skills and capabilities would become outdated, and all the oversights in your knowledge would begin to show. Your colleagues would surpass you, and your results would be mediocre at best. Now apply that scenario to your online gambling habits. The odds are not good without motivation to know and do more. Clearly, there needs to be a constant evolution of one’s interest, skillfulness and know-how. There is more than one way to achieve it. Practice makes a lot of difference, but so does your theoretic expertise. Through articles written on subjects related to gambling items, services, payment methods, software, bonuses and so on, you can get all the needed information to improve your gambling performance on the web.


Most Common Subjects of Articles about Online Gambling

Journalistic pieces about internet casinos deal with a plethora of different subjects, which is good. There are interesting news items on various aspects of web-based gambling, covering both general matters and the smallest details of betting items or casino features.


Some of the most encountered subjects include:

  1. Game Strategies – a fair number of casino games demand a specific tactic. Casino games are games of chance, above else, but there are gambling items whose outcome can be influenced by the decisions made during play. Sometimes the strategy comes down to a set of advices for the best possible result; in other occasions, there are pinpointed actions to be taken that guarantee a positive effect for the player. Either way, strategies are a prolific subject for casino articles.
  2. Game Comparisons – one can’t help but compare gambling items, as there is a lot of material to analyze. Comparing two items makes it easier to understand them both. Article writers often compare two slot machines with the same theme, two series of slots from different providers; they even compare different categories, for example, roulette with poker. It’s also habitual to compare the same game from two or more different manufacturers. If several software developers launch live dealer blackjack, there might be an article that compares all the versions and points out their pros and cons.
  3. Fun Facts – although not as useful as other info on betting events, fun facts (on anything, really) always attract readers. In their own merit, fun facts contribute to the overall charm of gambling games played online. They may expose some interesting bet outcomes, unbelievable winning streaks, interesting stories on people who’ve won big or intriguing coincidences among games.
  4. Reports on Winnings – as entertaining as they are informative, reports on recent winnings are the best way to perk you up whenever you’re in a bad mood. Usually, they cover the latest wins of progressive jackpots. Through them, you can find out what was the value of the jackpot when it was won, who won it and on which game, as well as where. Indirectly, you’re given the information about a prize that will be considerably smaller for a while, until enough funds accumulate to reach massive amounts again. Rather useful, if you’re a progressive jackpots hunter.
  5. Industry Innovations – articles related to online wagering are often about the latest accomplishments in software development. They cover issues from company mergers to innovative game features. Sometimes the main focus of the piece can be a ground-breaking software solution that is bound to be implemented into slot machines or table games whose launches have been announced and scheduled for the future.
  6. Payouts – casino is just as much about profit, as it is about fun. It’s only natural that a fair number of expert commentaries published online address the issue of payouts. Return rates of specific betting items are widely discussed in the gamblers’ community. Payout frequencies are compared and analyzed, all for the benefit of the players who read the articles.
  7. General Casino News – specific articles can cover a variety of different subjects in a single report. Local markets benefit from casino articles on recent venue launches, arrivals of new companies into their realm, statistical info about online gambling in the area, exclusive bonuses and promotions and so on. Since bonuses are often time-sensitive, a good and timely casino article that describes a bonus offer and steers the readers in the right direction is most appreciated among online casino goers.

There are plenty of other exciting themes to read about, such as payment methods, mobile casino, sports betting, casino history and more.