What Is a Bonus in Online Games and Slot Machines?

Finding a Bonus in Online Games and Slot Machines

One of the most exciting types of things you could find when playing slots involve the special rewards that you can get out of some games. The extras that come with fruit machines are among the best points to see when looking for a bonus in online games. But to make any kind of game work, you have to look at the things that you can get out of it and what you need to do in order to get such bonuses.


Remember, these extra points in slots are designed to encourage people to play certain games. These give you a better chance to win something huge but the odds of you actually getting some of those payouts might be rather varied. It can take a good bit of time for you to actually get some great payouts. As a result, you have to look around carefully to see what is open and how you can get a decent payout depending on the game you play.


How Do You Get to a Bonus in Online Games?

To reach a bonus in online games like slots, you would have to get a certain number of symbols. These are also known as scatters. These can appear all around a game. You will reach a special bonus stage if you collect a certain number of them on a single spin.


There are also times when a singular game might have some kind of standard where you can get into a bonus round with just one particular symbol showing up. The rules are varied by each game so make sure you look around to see what you can find. You might be surprised at the options that will come along when you are playing a game in particular.


What Will a Bonus Offer?

What is a bonus in online games?

A bonus can be bonus game, free spins, wild symbols


The things that you can find when getting a bonus in online games include a variety of exciting things that add to the fun of a game:

  • In most cases you will get a series of free spins. The total number will vary based on the particular type of scatter bonus that you can get.
  • You may also find a multiplier. A multiplier will add to your total payout by giving you that total times a certain amount. That total can also vary and in some cases could provide you with ten times whatever it is you have earned on a game.
  • Some wild symbols may be included around a game. Sometimes it entails more of these spots being placed around a game at random. In other cases they may be stacked on top of another and even have a reel or two filled with nothing but these special symbols. You might even find some games where wild symbols will replace some very specific existing ones. Don’t forget cases where certain signs like these will stay in their place during a series of spins.


Special Games

Special games in slot machines

Bonuses also come in the form of a special games


Sometimes special games are included in a bonus. This is where you might be able to play with some very specific type of payout. There are many good rules to look into when finding games of value to you:

  • In some cases you might have to pick a series of icons like boxes. These can provide you with random totals depending on what you touch. These include extra coins or even a series of bonus spins or multipliers.
  • Arcade-style games may be included on a few options. With this, you will get a special reward depending on your performance in such a game. This entails not only luck but also skill.
  • Games of chance can be added into the mix. In such a case, you might be given a special payout or other reward but you can risk it to get something even more valuable.


The specials that are included can be rather interesting and will vary by each machine you play with. All of these options can add something really fun to play with but you should still look at what is open and how you can really get a good total out of whatever you want to play with.


Betting on Wins

One trend that has come about on some slots entail betting on individual spins. In such a case, you would bet on how well a card appears. This is not a bonus feature found on all games but it is something entertaining.


This works with a few steps to help you potentially get a good total in some way:

  1. You can wager your total on a particular card. You might predict what type of card suit will show up or even the color, number or other features.
  2. If you are correct in picking the right card, you will get a reward. This typically entails double whatever the original spin was worth although that total might be higher if you bet on something really specific like a certain number.
  3. You may choose to bet that total again on another card. You will be limited as to how many times you can do this on a certain spin.
  4. You will lose the entire payout if you are wrong on a single hand.


This is a fun way to add something extra and special onto a slot. It could really determine how well you can get a great payout but you would still have to be cautious. You don’t want to spend lots of money on something only to end up being wrong on what you might have picked. Be sure to watch for how you will play such a game of value to you.



As you look for a bonus in online games when playing slots, you have to look around to see what is available on each game. The choices that you can come across are rather interesting and can give you some great payouts depending on what you get out of it. Look around at any online gaming parlor to see what you can play with and how you can benefit from some of the many exciting and appealing bonuses that individual games have to offer.

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