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The gambling industry is a big world where big things happen, and these big things need to be reported on. By means of gambling industry news everyone who has the slightest interest in betting, online of offline, can find out so much about the various developments in this intriguing industry branch. Being able to keep track of all the latest news items, studies and reports becomes even more important when the industry in question evolves in a fast pace. And the gambling industry is evolving at full tilt.


There are so many appealing subjects for us lovers of placing bets at casino venues, passionate sportsbook events fans and avid card game tacticians. A lot of the themes and situations resolve themselves over the course of our practical experience, but much like in any other discipline, we can only get better at something if we keep improving ourselves, stay informed and become prepared for changes. Theory and quality information goes a long way, if you read what is relevant to your ambitions and future plans.

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2017 AffiliateCon Sofia Conference Coming September 12 in Bulgaria

Sofia, Bulgaria will be home to the 2017 AffiliateCon conference. This event is to be held on September 12-13. This […]

New York State Senate To Look Into Online Poker Bill

An online poker bill has been reviewed by the New York State Senate in recent time but to no avail. […]

Uncertainty Is Abound in Connecticut’s Effort to Expand Gaming

The Connecticut government has been at odds over how gaming activities are to be expanded in a few parts of […]

Florida Aiming to Get Consensus on Gambling Changes

The Florida state government has been trying to get a series of gambling amendments to pass. The state Supreme Court […]

UK Horse Racing Betting Levy Changes Supported By European Commission

The European Commission has given the green light for the United Kingdom to pass its newest laws regarding horse racing […]

Melco-Hard Rock Satellite Casino Opening Soon in Cyprus

The first ever Melco-Hard Rock Satellite Casino will be opening very soon in Cyprus. It will open in the summer […]

UK Election Limits FOBT Review

The recent general election in the United Kingdom that had been announced by the prime minister ended up putting a […]

Russian Gaming Week Occurred June 2017

The eleventh annual Russian Gaming Week occurred recently in June 2017. The event was run by Smile-Expo, a popular exhibition […]

ASA Outlaws Misleading Bingo Ad From Gala Bingo

The Advertising Standards Authority has punished Gala Bingo for promoting a television advertisement in February 2017 that was found to […]

Connecticut House Endorses Gambling Expansion Bill

A major gambling expansion bill was supported by the Connecticut House. This would allow Indian tribes in the state to […]

Pennsylvania State House Endorses Gambling Expansion Bill, Senate is Next

A major move to expand upon the gambling activities that can be supported in the state of Pennsylvania has recently […]

Massachusetts Still Aiming to Look Into Online Gambling

The Massachusetts Special Commission on Online Gaming, Fantasy Sports Gaming and Daily Fantasy Sports has been holding meetings in recent […]

Australasian Gaming Expo Starting in Sydney August 15, 2017

The 2017 edition of the Australasian Gaming Expo is slated to be held at the ICC Sydney in Darling Harbour. […]

NetEnt Offers Table Games in Spain

NetEnt has made an announcement that it will be offering table games to the many gambling activities it has to […]

EC Allows Denmark to Open Bingo and Horse Racing Markets

Danske Spil, the group that operates the official lottery in Denmark, had been running the online bingo and horse racing […]

GVC Holdings Bringing Back PartyCasino

The PartyCasino brand from GVC Holdings had been offered in the past as a prominent online casino option. GVC has […]

Camelot Group Restores Lottery Helpline For Use Among Retailers

The Camelot Group, the organization that runs the UK National Lottery, has announced that it will bring back its old […]

Nevada eSports Bill Becomes Law

The state of Nevada, a place that has long been heralded as a prominent spot for gambling activities, will now […]

Bwin Sports Betting to Come to Russia

GVC Holdings, a popular online gaming group in the United Kingdom, is going to be bringing its sports betting brand […]

MGA Applies For Support From Sky Betting and Releases Regulatory Information For First Part of 2017

The Malta Gaming Authority information on how it recently got an operating license application from Sky Betting and Gaming, a […]


We’ve done our best to gather as many important findings as we could, and will continue to do so. On this page you’ll find all the interesting headlines that have found their places in online gambling magazines, threads and casino-related websites. They are sorted by date and the highest results are the most recent – the hottest online gambling industry news! You can also find a short list of most viewed news on the right.


A Closer Look at Online Gambling Industry News

One can’t predict what the online gambling industry articles will be about. The online aspect of the industry is developing even faster than the original, land-based section so there is always things to write about – there are always stories to be covered. Only in the industry, disregarding the gambling community, individual games, individual software structures, banking, winnings and so on, one could find hundreds of topics that are relevant in one way or another. As is it the duty of news writers to stay up to date and write about what is current and important, our duty is to show the final products to you, to put them at your disposal. Many are the subjects you can read about, if you have interest in the gambling trade.


Types of News about the Gambling Industry

Here’s what you can expect to see here on this page at AllStarsCasinos – a diverse selection of breaking news on a variety of gambling-related topics. Some of them are:

  1. Events and Conferences – the industry benefits from a lot of interesting press junkets, game expo events and company conferences where business representatives meet up to talk their achievements. These are also good platforms for exposing new software, as well as announcing new business plans and projects.
  2. Legislation - gambling industry news often looks closely on the matters of legislation. On a local level in specific markets, changes happen ever so often that they need to be reported swiftly. Some jurisdictions are still inappropriately regulated, and every little thing that happens is worth writing about. Auditing processes and fairness testing may sound dull, but there is people who like to know how auditors give out certificates to casinos and what are the strict policies when it comes to software safety and fairness.
  3. New Casino Openings in Attractive Locations – every once in a while you’ll see news items about fresh casino brands emerging on unexpected soil. The thing is some jurisdictions are slowly entering the gambling world, and when the time is right, the company with the most invasive policy will open up and establishment there and cover more ground, literally and figuratively. This is not a bad thing, as it allows more people to have access to regulated casino fun.
  4. Company Expansions – in typical industrial news, you’ll always read about recent expansions into international markets by specific gaming brands. Companies will base their headquarters in different locations and set up offices in other parts of the world to make their work easier and more fruitful.
  5. Deal Signings and Partnerships – another frequent topic are recent mergers, contract signings and partnerships between well-known software developers. Players wouldn’t want to miss on the news about how their favourite game manufacturer started cooperating with other companies or how it became part of some other gaming enterprise and this occurrence now somehow affects its production line.
  6. Rebrandings – software companies go through rebranding processes all the time. For one reason or another, they need to change perspective or change direction in order to improve their business accomplishments.
  7. Gambling Revenues/Rise in Profits – some news reporters will regularly write about the rise, or decline, in profits of specific iGaming companies and include statistical and analytical data to back up their stories. These commentaries have a purpose to let us know which game suppliers to keep an eye on and which to consider a bad choice as they have no success on the market.
  8. Award Announcements – annually, awards are given to brands and firms with the biggest accomplishments and greatest success in their respective fields. Whether it’s a casino website that got an award for being the best online casino or a software developer that received recognition for its products, awards are always signs of good quality and trustworthiness.
  9. Software Upgrades – news on software upgrades are never boring and most often the players can’t wait to read about newly added game features and software improvements.
  10. New Software Solutions – iGaming companies constantly work on better solutions for their software and reports on recent developments are important for everyone who has anything to do with the betting industry.
  11. New Mobile Apps – nowadays, people love to gamble on the move, so they’ll be glad to know when a new mobile casino app has been released for better mobile gaming.
  12. Interviews with Company Representatives – professional interviews with heads of relevant departments with an inside look on different topics.
  13. In-retrospect Reports – reviews about the work of specific companies, casino websites, poker rooms and more, on the basis of a past period, for example one year.