Australasian Gaming Expo Starting in Sydney August 15, 2017

Australasian Gaming Expo Starting in Sydney August 15, 2017

The 2017 edition of the Australasian Gaming Expo is slated to be held at the ICC Sydney in Darling Harbour. It will be held from August 15-17 and will be one of the largest online gaming industry events in the Southern Hemisphere.


Taking place in a spot that has about 19,000 square metres of floor space, this event is run by the Gaming Technologies Association. It has been a prominent group in recent time for how it supports a number of activities for different online gaming groups. Various new games and machines are to be highlighted at this prominent event.


Who Is Coming?

Some of the largest groups in the industry are to appear at the event. These include Aristocrat, IGT, Ainsworth and Scientific Games among many others. These groups have been heralded over the years for being popular and prominent entities in the world of online casino gaming and activities.


All of these groups are to be at the International Convention Centre Sydney. The various groups and their participation here are to make for a significant event as it becomes easy for people to get together to learn more about what is happening in the industry and how it is evolving.


What Purposes Do People Have?

The purposes that people hold for getting into the conference include many points:

  • Numerous groups are aiming to meet new customers.
  • Others are looking to update current shareholders and fans of their products about what is being offered.
  • Details on the newest products in various lines should be highlighted.


A vast majority of people who are participating here are ones that say they have taken care of a number of objectives. The AGE has especially been heralded by some of these groups as an event that can compete with a number of different groups.


The general business potential involved here is being listed as being positive. The development comes as more people in Australia (australian casinos) are interested in a variety of different activities relating to games of chance.


Specific Totals

About 250 different exhibitors are anticipated as being ready to show off their wares at the AGE. These include products that will not only be offered in the Southern Hemisphere but also in different parts of the world where casino gaming is already a big deal.


The total number of people who are to be attending is expected to rise as more people become aware of the gaming industry. Around 7,000 visitors came to last year’s edition of the AGE. Many of these people came from Australia and New Zealand as well as a few various parts of Asia. Considering the growth of the industry, it is highly expected that the number of people who will be at this year’s event will be much higher.


The Australasian Gaming Expo is one of the more anticipated events in the gaming industry in the summer. The reveals and displays around the expo and the news on what is coming about in the field should make for plenty of appealing things for all to look forward to.

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