BtoBet to Focus on Eastern European Markets

BtoBet to Focus on Eastern European Markets

BtoBet, a prominent provider of online gambling software, announced at the Russian Gaming Week 2017 event in Moscow that it is continuing to work throughout Eastern Europe. This includes getting regulated to work in a larger variety of countries in the region.


BtoBet has been heralded over the years for its popular gaming platform. The cloud-based system is easy to customize and works with a number of capabilities for getting different actions supported. Traditional casino games (for example, slots) and sports betting activities are both supported by the team.


The firm runs its technical functions out of Skopje. The sportsbook operations are run out of Rome while the marketing services are based in Malta.


Working to Expand

The work of BtoBet is expected to be a challenge as Eastern Europe and Eurasia have not been easy places for many industries to grow into. This comes as many regulatory laws have been questionable and tough to figure out. Added changes are being expected in the future as a means of making it easier for people to compete in certain fields and to stay active in a number of ways. This is especially to make profits a little easier to follow without being all that hard to handle.


BtoBet is working within a strict platform to ensure that thousands of casino games can be operated by a variety of parties. These include a number of games that can be carried by third parties all around the world. Additional efforts are being carried by BtoBet to help with getting its games to fit in well with a variety of regulatory efforts. The integration efforts are being supported for online gaming needs in many ways. This especially comes as the Artificial Intelligence and Recommendation engine used by BtoBet will analyze a number of growth potentials.


Data Collection IS Possible

BtoBet is also promoting its data collection tools. Such tools are designed to analyze behaviors among players and to gather demographic data. Such information helps to adjust the marketing and promotional efforts that may be used at a given time. Such work prepares a plan for making it easier for different information to be used carefully and to enhance general marketing efforts. Part of this includes establishing more unique promotional offers to individuals that might be more likely to accept such promotional plans.


Additional Participation

The added participation being held by the group will include working in a number of additional markets. BtoBet will be participating in upcoming events in Sofia and Budapest to establish a larger reach for its work and general campaign. The general goal is to help with boosting business efforts while expanding upon the overall reach that the group has in general.


There is also a potential for the group to start offering more mobile and desktop services with regards to cybersports activities. These include various productions to help with promoting esports activities and to encourage more bets on a variety of tournaments for various games from all corners of the world to make such games inviting.

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