Bwin Sports Betting to Come to Russia

Bwin Sports Betting to Come to Russia

GVC Holdings, a popular online gaming group in the United Kingdom, is going to be bringing its sports betting brand platform Bwin to Russia. This will offer online betting on a variety of sporting events in the country.


This all comes as Alexander Mamut, the prominent Russian billionaire, had been aiming to get a sports platform ready with support for Bwin. The work that Mamut will get into is being supported by GVC Holdings and will work on desktop and mobile devices alike.


A new site for taking wagers is going to be released in the next few months. This marks the first instance of a major bookmaking company getting into the Russian sports betting market, a field that has been growing in size in recent time.


Big Developments

The new site for sports wagers is more than likely expected to be under the domain. The mobile app for use is also being planned to be run by Digital Betting LLC. This group is owned by Mamut and is based out of Russia. Rambler and Co. also plans on offering advertising services as a means of getting the word out on everything which is being offered to the public.


A new registration page has been added to the spot where the system is to eventually be listed at. This page currently informs people about when wagers are to be accepted and should give people regular updates on what is happening with the new site.


Digital Betting is especially expected to grow in time. The group got a license to work in Russia last year. The Bwin efforts are expected to be a key part of what Digital Betting is offering to make the setup a little easier to work with.


These moves are going to be significant and will entail a number of special advancements over time that will especially be interesting to people in general. It should be worth looking into how games will be promoted and how the platform for betting is to be arranged so it can be be easy for people to start betting.


How Much Money?

About €10 million will be spent by Mamut each year to work on getting the new sports system work up and running. Mamut will get a part of the profits in exchange for this work in general.


The goal is to get everything to break even within the next three years. The group is working with more long-term goals in mind in the hopes of getting the most out of the program in general.


Government Concerns

Although this is a big move in its own right, there are still worries over how the Russian government is trying to keep gambling websites under control. The government has kept GVC Holdings and Bwin from being as functional as they used to be. In particular, nearly a hundred domains associated with those two groups have been blacklisted by the government.


The move for GVC and Bwin will be a major development for gambling in Russia. The move ensures that people can start betting on all kinds of sports events in Russia and other parts of the world.

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