Camelot Group Restores Lottery Helpline For Use Among Retailers

Camelot Group Restores Lottery Helpline For Use Among Retailers

The Camelot Group, the organization that runs the UK National Lottery, has announced that it will bring back its old free helpline for all independent retailers. The support system will be a part of the AllStars campaign and will cost £4 million to operate.


The hotline is to be used by such retailers around the entire country. Additional moves are also being planned by Camelot to help with improving upon its relationships with such retailers. Added meetings will be held to understand how those retail spots will be able to offer different types of games and use a number of special promotions in many forms.


The general moves are all being highlighted as work to help with getting people to do more with funds and with finding ways to bring about more revenue over time. This comes as there are general efforts to try and make easier for people to get the most out of the services Camelot offers for promoting lottery actions.


A Strong Return

The free helpline marks a return to a service that Camelot had originally offered up until December 2015. The group chose to replace its free helpline with a 0844 number. This was a concern among many retailers who felt that it was unfair for them to have to pay to get services from the group. The National Federation of Retail Newsagents also argued that retailers would have to spend more money for accessing that line than what they would earn from the revenues gathered over offering tickets to various lottery games.


The new helpline will be a strong return that entails retails not having to spend anything to get held as needed. The campaign will work for about 28,000 independent retailers around the country.


The effort is being highlighted through additional POS materials and signs which can be sent to individuals who are licensed to sell lottery services. Such sellers can contact Camelot for additional help with getting more promotional materials and do not have to pay anything extra outside of the costs needed to get some items out into retail locations with the terms varying by each option.


Retailers Are Valuable

A key part of this move from Camelot comes as a means of supporting the needs that individual sellers have. This all comes as the retailers who are asking for help have been getting more money out to Camelot in recent time. Sellers have been getting about £30 million each week to the various positive causes that the lottery was designed to support. The National Federation of Retail Newsagents has especially praised the move to help with making it easier for people to get their questions answered as they come about.


The NFRN is anticipated to continue to work with Camelot as a means of promoting more lottery actions and to encourage questions to be answered in a prompt manner. This includes working to keep sales totals up and to improve upon how people are able to get access to the games they are interested in the most.


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