Efforts to Make DFS Legal In Many American States Picking Up

Efforts to Make DFS Legal In Many American States Picking Up

Daily fantasy sports, or DFS, have been a topic of discussion in many parts of the United States (US casinos on this page). It comes as many websites have been offering DFS activities without the official permission of various authorities in a number of states. This allows people to place bets on many fantasy sports games each day or week.


Over the last few months DFS activities have been a big topic of discussion with many of them being placed under some rather difficult reviews. Some places have been heavily monitored but today there are many spaces that are trying to create laws surrounding DFS functions. These include laws that would make these games legal in numerous parts of the country.


States That Have Tried

A number of individual states have been trying to get a number of DFS-related laws up and running. Texas, Georgia, Florida, Maryland and California have all tried to get their own bills relating to the activity up for debate. Even so, there has been some limited success in terms of trying to make them visible.


Eight states managed to pass laws relating to DFS functions in 2016. A few others have put in some efforts to try and make these activities open to the public again.


What Individual States Are Working Hard?

Some states are putting in more effort into trying to get DFS activities legal:

  • Mississippi is aiming to add an 8 percent tax on fantasy sporting operators. The state Gaming Commission would regulate activities that would take place in casinos around the state. While fantasy contests are legal in casinos, they are not legal online just yet although there are hopes the issue will change and improve.
  • Texas established its own Senate bill to offer added regulations on such activities. The bill has not been able to get much traction and as a result it is questionable as to whether such operations will be listed as legal in the future. There is a potential for this part of the country to make it all legal in 2017 but the topic might be delayed to 2019 depending on what the government determines.
  • Illinois has a bill that is being used to legalize DFS functions while being fully regulated. An advisory option in the area was promoted to suggest that such actions are not legal under Illinois’ current laws although the new bill being offered is being made to potentially change this.
  • Iowa does not allow the betting option and has kicked out many daily sporting groups in recent time. Efforts to make it acceptable in Iowa have been put forward but they have been to no avail for the most part as they are not being heard properly.
  • Ohio has aimed to expand its gaming functions to offer daily betting actions. The House Committee has received information on regulations that could be utilized in the region.
  • Vermont has a Senate bill for regulation and operating licenses as well. Taxation information has not been listed in terms of what financial advantages may be given to Vermont.

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