EGT Aiming to Expand in Mexico

EGT Aiming to Expand in Mexico

Euro Games Technology or EGT has become a popular entity in the world of casino game manufacturing. The Bulgaria-based group is aiming to get into the Mexican market. This is thanks in part to a new partnership that the group has made with Codere, a casino operator in Mexico that has locations in many places around the country.


Codere has been heralded as a popular casino operating company in Mexico. The group operates more than 20,000 machines in casinos all around the country. The move by EGT to establish a partnership with Codere will help to ensure that EGT can move into the Mexican market with ease.


A New Model Is Coming

One of the most exciting parts of the expansion of EGT into Mexico comes from the new slot design that the company has been promoting in recent time. This is the P-24/24 Up cabinet. It is a popular model that has become very attractive to players and has been a high performer in some of the markets that it has been introduced in so far.


Other Models

EGT will be offering other models to casinos around Mexico as well. These include The P-27/27 St Slim model. This is expected to be the most prominent model that will be offered in terms of quantity. About 130 of those cabinets will be made available in the future.


The overall goal is to get at least 400 machines installed around many places all across the country. These are expected to be introduced before the end of 2017 and will include the Exciter III and Orange and Green Collection models. These are made to handle multiple games on their screens and can handle around 48 gaming titles in general. This allows for a variety of options to use when getting different gaming designs ready.


The P-42V Curved St cabinet is also expected to be brought out in some spaces. These are made with 42-inch curved monitors and a more extensive design interface that adds a unique approach for players to look forward to enjoying.
There will also be some virtual roulette games being offered in the program. The Luxury Series touchscreen game will include a design that allows players to select different bets on a virtual roulette wheel.


What Specific Venues?

It is not certain as to what particular venues will be hosting the games offered around the country. This will be interesting to people who want to find a variety of great games at casinos around Mexico as there will be hundreds of gaming machines being introduced. Still, it is a necessity to watch for what will be distributed over time.


The expansion into Mexico for EGT comes as the firm has already grown throughout much of Europe and has a variety of games and machines. The move to enter into Mexico is working to potentially make it easier for games to be highlighted and to be more appealing. This is to get more players around Mexico to enjoy a number of great games that might be of a strong value to them.

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