The Euro Is the Prominent Currency At Online Casinos

The Euro Is the Prominent Currency At Online Casinos

Many online casinos accept a variety of currency options. While the American dollar had been popular with the British pound and Canadian and Australian dollars being used in many other spots, they have all been surpassed by the euro as the top currency for gaming.


This is a reflection of how many casino players have changing tastes and needs for when they are getting their games up and running. The euro is being preferred by many players who want something easy to work with when playing online. In fact, more casinos are accepting it than ever before while the American dollar is not as strong as it used to be.


Surprising Changes

Changes in the online casino industry report that around the end of 2014, about 90 percent of online casinos were accepting the American dollar. In 2016, the number went down to 75 percent.


The euro then went up to where about 78 percent of all online gaming sites accept it. This makes it the most popular currency for use at online casinos.


These numbers are according to reviews of many online gaming sites. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act appears to have been a big factor that has made it to where there is a need to get more currencies to work. This especially comes as American players have bene prohibited from depositing funds at many of these sites. This made it to where more casinos will have to focus on players from other countries as well as many currencies.


Specific Numbers

It is estimated in accordance with reports from the online casino industry that about 579 casinos, or around 78.5 percent, use the euro as a key currency. The American dollar is the closest with 546 casinos or 74 percent of them using it. The British pound is used by a little more than half of all casinos while the Australian and Canadian dollars are used by a third of them. The South African rand, Swiss franc and Danish krone are being accepted by some casinos as well.


What Makes the Euro Great?

The euro has become an ideal option for currency use thanks to how the euro is easy to handle for deposit purposes. With the UIGEA in play, it is harder for American players to get online to play games at certain sites. This makes it so the euro is being preferred by many payment gateway services. This helps to make it easier for the euro to work well for many payment and deposit functions.


In fact, many of the top online casino payment methods are made with support for the euro in mind. These include options like PayPal, Neteller, Trustly, Skrill, Bitcoin and Paysafecard among others. The support being provided will make a real difference in how people can take care of a variety of gaming activities while depositing real euros into their accounts. Of course, most other currencies can be supported by these payment methods although the specific types of currencies that are accepted by the casinos will vary based on where one goes to play such games.

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