Global Gaming Expo Asia Highlights Gaming Sector

Global Gaming Expo Asia Highlights Gaming Sector

The online gaming industry has a number of appealing expo events that allow people to share information with one another on different types of casino games and other features. The Global Gaming Expo Asia was recently held from May 16-18, 2017. This event promoted the gaming sector in Asia and how it was growing while also bringing about a series of new functions.


This is a unique show that was held in Macau. It is a little different from other similar shows in the United States and Europe. While many conferences are held in these areas, this was held in Macau to highlight the importance of the Asian market and how it is continuing to grow in size and power.


A Powerful Continent

Asia has become very important to the online gaming industry. About 95 percent of the casino operators that are based out of the continent attended the Global Gaming Expo Asia event. There were about 120 different leaders in the industry on hand. The fact that it was hosted in Macau, a place that has become very popular for casino activities in the continent, has become especially prominent.


Interestingly enough, the event itself was run by the American Gaming Association, a group representing an industry worth more than $240 billion while producing a little less than two million jobs. The AGA is promoting this to make it easier for the industry to thrive and move forward over time.


Key Information and Support

The details provided to the guests at the event included many points that were to help with making it easier for the industry to grow and thrive. Francis Lui, the Deputy Chairman and Galaxy Entertainment, was the keynote speaker at the event. He and other speakers discussed many critical points.


Discussions during these speeches and panels included reviews of how the industry is growing and what is helping it to thrive. This includes understanding some of the threats that are being faced by those in the industry and what can be done to control those issues before they can become legitimate threats.


A forum on Asian markets was also held during the event. This forum looked into the growth of the casino industry and the potential for Japan to be a much larger market for gaming activities. The concept of the Osaka Strip, a place that is being heavily promoted as a potential spot for casino resort activity, has been introduced in recent time as a spot that may prove to be valuable and interesting.


PricewaterhouseCooper especially had a big meeting to determine how well the industry in Japan will grow. This included a general review of how the industry is moving forward and what is coming about to make it stronger and more prominent in the future.


The efforts of this particular meeting in Macau were to help with getting the casino industry to understand the power of the eastern world in terms of getting business to thrive. People are already looking forward to seeing what can develop in the future as the industry continues to grow and spark the interest of many around the continent.

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