GVC Holdings Bringing Back PartyCasino

GVC Holdings Bringing Back PartyCasino

The PartyCasino brand from GVC Holdings had been offered in the past as a prominent online casino option. GVC has recently announced the company is planning on bringing that label back into the spotlight as a means of making it all the more viable and attractive to potential participants.


The PartyCasino name is to be restored as being one which offers all the top games and offers that people have come to expect from an online casino. This especially includes a strict focus on offering fair options while also being transparent and open to all potential players.


A new campaign was promoted in Ibiza as a means of highlighting the excitement of the casino. This focuses on showing that the casino is one that appealing to all kinds of lifestyles and that it is a spot for all those who want to have a little more fun with all kinds of games of interest to them.


Win a Trip to Ibiza

A new promotion is being highlighted by PartyCasino in that a person can sign up to win a special party trip to Ibiza. The campaign will work for the next three months around the UK (UK casinos here: link).


This comes as a part of the branding effort to make the site more festive in its look. The Ibiza theme is especially prominent given that Ibiza itself has been heralded as one of the top countries in the world for a number of activities of value.


A Big Addition

The PartyCasino brand has been operated by GVC since last year. GVC has been hoping to get PartyCasino to feature its own specific identity as a means of making the brand all the more intriguing and valuable.


The advertisements from GVC to promote the relaunch of the brand are highlighting the current efforts by GVC to overhaul that brand. This includes working with special efforts to create hundreds of different games in a variety of categories. Also, there will be desktop and mobile editions of the site available to all players while the visual features of the brand will change around to create a more modern look.


The customer service department has also received an overhaul with customers being promised faster withdrawal times. But even with this offer, limits on what can be taken out at a time haven’t been announced yet.


Entering More Countries

Although GVC has been looking to get its PartyCasino brand promoted closer to home, there are also plans from the company to get its gaming activities to be more visible around the entire world. A key part of this includes an effort to get into the Russian Federation. The company will work with the bwin branding for its products and services as it enters into Russia.


Additional information on the PartyCasino site and what will be offered on it will be released in the near future. This will move about as people are expected to become more interested in what the site is promoting and how it will offer a variety of appealing sporting actions for all players to be interested in.

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