INTRALOT Reports Strong Growth in First Quarter of 2017

INTRALOT Reports Strong Growth in First Quarter of 2017

INTRALOT, a prominent online gaming solutions provider, announced that it had some growth in the first quarter of 2017. This is for a quarter that started on January 1 and ended on March 31.


The official report from INTRALOT was prepared based on IFRS standards. It shows that there was an increase in revenues in the region.


The group is aiming to focus on key markets and to invest in a diversified arrangement for the many gaming services and functions that it has to offer. This has helped to make it easier for the company to grow and thrive. This especially comes as there is a great amount of effort to try and get the sport out into a larger variety of different places where people might have a better sense of interest in what is available.


Specific Statistics

The report states that the revenues for INTRALOT went up by 20.6 percent. It went from €305 million from a year ago to €367.9 million during the first quarter of the year.


The gross profit also saw a 7.3 percent increase. This went up to €63.2 million.


The services have grown over time around Europe and have especially started to get into the Americas in recent time. There has been a better sense of stability over how well the program is working. This in turn has become relatively prominent over time.


Bulgaria and Poland have experienced the largest amount of growth within the world in terms of where INTRALOT is working in. A new partnership agreement was also established in Chile as a means of growing the presence of the organization in South America, one of the fastest growing regions in the world.


The earnings that were taken in prior to interest, tax, depreciation and other key factors went up by 4.3 percent. This reached a total of €46.5 million during the first quarter. The earnings before tax or EBT also went up by 72.4 percent from €10.5 million to €18.1 million.


Europe Barely Holds the Lead

Europe provided INTRALOT with €156.1 million in operations. This marks an increase of 23 percent from the past period. The operations in the Americas were good for €152 million. This was a 12.1 percent increase over the prior time period.


The remaining regions had increases in their performance totals of 24.6 percent with a total of €72.4 million.


Lottery Games Work

Lottery games have especially become prominent in terms of what is being offered. More than 40 percent of the turnover for INTRALOT came from lottery games. Meanwhile, sports betting is good for close to that same amount.
The general efforts being made to help make it easier for people to get the most out of online betting around the world has helped INTRALOT to continue to grow and thrive. This has helped to make it easier for operations within the business to grow and thrive for as long as possible. This in turn ensures that there are no problems out of what is being introduced in any manner.

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