Malta Gaming Authority Responds to Difficult Issues in the Media

Malta Gaming Authority Responds to Difficult Issues in the Media

The Malta Gaming Authority has discussed criticisms surrounding its monitoring policies with regards to online gambling activities. This comes as the MGA has been criticized by many in the gaming media for not reviewing sites within its jurisdiction.


The MGA argues that many news reports are inaccurate and that they are portraying the organization in a misleading light. This comes after a former employee alleged that the group was not operating as well as it should be. This is especially threatening in terms of how it might directly influence how well casino operations are being handled in a number of ways.


An MGA who was fired two years ago had been disputing issues over how some online casinos are operated. Part of this comes from the “sealing” processes that are used to provide gaming software to clients. This process for tagging data has been found to be outdated but has been used for the most part to this day.


Diversification Is Being Used

The Malta group’s response to the negative press it has been getting entails mentioning how a variety of functions are being used to make it easier for all casinos it certifies to be fair and suitable for all players. Data extractions and technical audits are being used by third parties on these sites. Traffic is also being monitored while spot checks on many individual spots on a site work. The goal of all efforts is to make it easier for different kinds of tasks to work as needed.


Information Security Plans

Information security plans are also being reviewed in many forms. These include considerations for reviewing how player data is being handled in many ways. A diverse series of solutions will make it easier for content to be secured without problems.


The authority also stated that gambling servers can be located outside of Malta. This is in accordance with EU laws. This is being addressed to let the public know that fair solutions for handling gambling activities are available in many forms.


Working In Public Interest

Another concern for the MGA is that it wants to address how it is working to act out of the public interest only. This includes working in a transparent manner where the public will notice everything that is being offered and how it is working. Regular reviews are especially being promoted as a means of ensuring that all actions are handled under the regulatory needs that have been established over time. Such reviews are needed to make it easier for a business to stay operational and active while also attaining the trust of all players at such a casino.


Malta is expected to continue to be a popular place for online casino entities to set up their operations in. This is thanks to the strong effort in the country to make online gaming fair to all parties. The lower tax rates and licensing costs involved with operating out of the country have especially made it a popular place for many business functions to take place in.

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