Malta to Host MIGS17 and iGaming Idol This September 2017

Malta to Host MIGS17 and iGaming Idol This September 2017

Two major gaming events will be held in Malta in September 2017. The Malta iGaming Seminar, or MIGS17, will be held alongside the Gaming Idol around September 26. These will take place over the course of two days and is expected to be rather intriguing to those who want to learn more about the online gaming industry.


About MIGS17

The MIGS17 event is the ninth annual edition of the seminar. The event has grown over the years with 400 delegates attending the MIGS16 event last year.


People associated with many gambling legislation groups and industries devoted to the development of online casinos and other gaming activities have been directly connected to the event. John Andrews, the Contributing Editor of the Economist, was the keynote speaker at last year’s seminar.


Many important topics relevant to the gaming industry are introduced at the event each year. These points have included discussions on how to control the risk of money laundering and how tax changes can influence the gaming industry. The Brexit vote was also discussed at a recent event as well as points on how many gaming markets are changing.


About iGaming Idol

iGaming Idol was held in Malta for the first time last year. The event proved to be a hit as it focuses heavily on recognizing the best employees in the gambling industry. These include people who have been heralded for introducing a variety of new approaches in the world of online gambling. There were more than 250 people participating in this event last year.


The Idol of the Year competition will be introduced to competitors from all corners of the world. There will be honors for people in many positions including for affiliate managers, casino product organizers, sports and poker product developers, design teams and even for live casino dealers. This event is being held to recognize those who have worked hard to make their activities all the more interesting and valuable to the industry.


About Malta

These two events are being held in one of the most popular places in the world when it comes to running online gaming activities. Malta has become a prominent entity in the world of online gambling for a variety of reasons.


Malta has grown in popularity thanks to how the area has lower tax rates. Also, the legislative framework for getting into the gambling industry is relatively simple in comparison with what others offer. Because the country is so helpful to those aiming to get into the online gaming industry, it has become a place where more major events within the industry are being held at. This is all in the hopes of making the country all the more popular for many events and occasions.


The two events are expected to be significant and noteworthy as time moves along. This especially comes amid a desire to get more online activities in this part of the world. Additional details on what will take place at the events are expected to be released in the future.

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