Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune Slots Break Jackpot Records

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The Mega Moolah video slot from Microgaming and the Mega Fortune game from NetEnt have become popular for offering great jackpots in a variety of forms. The slots have both recently gotten some massive jackpots that have paid out big to all kinds of players. These include some great totals that have especially been exciting to players. These totals are especially a small part of the many big payouts that the companies have been giving out and are inviting to players aiming to make the most of their gaming experiences.


Mega Moolah’s Big Jackpot

Since the start of 2017, the progressive jackpot on the Mega Moolah slot has been won three times. It was won in January and March with the winning taking in more than €6 million on each occasion. The jackpot was broken yet again on April 25.


A player at Tipico got in a huge jackpot on this game on April 25. This is on record as the largest mobile slot jackpot in history. It was worth a total of about €8.012 million. The identity of the winner is anonymous and is not expected to be released. That person did spend €6.25 on the bet to get the payout and will get it all collected in a single lump sum. This payment standard is used by Microgaming for all of its major slots.


The big jackpot broke the old record by only €100,000 but it proved to be quite a big total in terms of its size. This especially proves that it is very easy for people to make a large amount of money off of the game.


This all comes as Microgaming continues to promote itself as the top entity in the world of progressive jackpots. The group has paid out €716 million in jackpots. These have been given to thousands of people and have been included in a number of great totals.


Mega Fortune Offers a Payout

The Mega Fortune slot from NetEnt also recently paid out something big to a player. A player from Sweden at Casumo Casino put in a €2.50 bet and won about €3.3 million off of the jackpot wheel on this game. This came not too long after someone at the same casino took home a €4.6 million jackpot at the Mega Fortune Dreams slot.


The winner on the slot is keeping much of his information private although he says that he plans on spending a sizeable amount of his winnings on helping a particular charity organization that is close to him. This is an example of how many of the big jackpots offered on slots like this one can really change anyone’s life.


This all comes as NetEnt is continuing to expand its footprint around the gaming world. This also occurs as the company has gotten a licensed to offer online casino gaming software in the Canadian province of British Columbia. This comes amid the group’s desire to expand its services a little further out around Canada and to offer more of its games at casinos around the large country.

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