MGA Applies For Support From Sky Betting and Releases Regulatory Information For First Part of 2017

MGA Applies For Support From Sky Betting and Releases Regulatory Information For First Part of 2017

The Malta Gaming Authority information on how it recently got an operating license application from Sky Betting and Gaming, a prominent United Kingdom-based entity that has been in operation since 2001 and is expanding to provide support to the MGA, the prominent group that governs regular gaming functions in Malta.


The group has applied to get a sports betting license. This would provide the country with the right to offer sports betting functions to entities who want to be incorporated in Malta.


Sky Betting offers a number of gambling products for online purveyors including betting and bingo functions among some of the more traditional options that are available on the market. The organization has especially been excited about this move over how it is working to get more functions managed in a proper manner.


By being associated with Skybet, the group will work to get more online casino (list of casinos on this page) functions up and running. This especially helps for getting the entity to become a more visible and prominent group in the field in general.


MGA Continuing to Evolve

This organization has been prominent for working to be a leading name in the world of online gaming. MGA focuses heavily on protecting customers and with being fair in all of its casino operations. The group particularly places an emphasis on transparency and being open in terms of everything that is offered in a given time. There is especially a need to work with creating innovative and unique products while also being strict in terms of how different functions are promoted.


Regulatory Details

The regulatory details that were released by MGA were also revealed and it turns out that MGA’s efforts to work with Sky Betting are coming at a very opportune time. The regulatory info states how there was a 79 percent increase in terms of the number of license applications that were filed to the group. This includes a 33 percent increase in the number of licenses being issued when compared with the same time period from a year earlier. This is according to the data that came from January to April this year.


The enforcement for operating different licenses based out of Malta has also increased in this past time period. This marks a continued increase in terms of how licenses are being sent out and used.


The applications being sent to the MGA include a number that relate to not only traditional casino functions but also many skill-based games. The introduction of fantasy sports has especially helped the group to expand to include Skill Games Regulations as they are referred to.


Five additional administrative fines were also levied onto different groups linked to the MGA. The number of cancellations and eliminations of licenses has also declined in value as there is a better sense of stability. Only one license suspension has occurred as well.


The moves by the MGA are coming at a time where it is becoming more interesting to see what is happening within the group. This all comes with regards to the group aiming to move forward and become stronger in the online gaming industry.

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