Nevada eSports Bill Becomes Law

Nevada eSports Bill Becomes Law

The state of Nevada, a place that has long been heralded as a prominent spot for gambling activities, will now allow people in the state to place bets on esports events. The move comes as a means of expanding gambling functions in sportsbooks around the state and on websites that are certified to operate within the Silver State. It is an especially noteworthy development in the industry as the state continues to expand its strong interest in a number of esports actions around Nevada.


SB 240 is the new bill that allows esports to be offered in casino betting functions. This entails betting on a variety of video game-based competitions involving teams from around the world playing games like League of Legends and Dota 2 among many others.


SB 240 refers to such competitions as “other events.” These can be included among the many pari-mutuel betting functions that can be supported in Nevada. Such other actions include bets on sporting events and horse races. The sports wagering within the state has been very prominent and has been the subject on a number of special events over the years as people continue to express a very strong interest in the field in general.


The bill was first introduced in March of this past year. The key argument was that the esports industry is not going to harm any other gambling-related functions. While there had been talk about trying to make such bets legal in the state, it has not been until just now when the governor of the state has chosen to officially sign a bill relating to the events into law.


NGC Specifics

The Nevada Gaming Commission is responsible for allowing the wagering on esports events to be made legal and functional around Nevada. The NGC will offer operating licenses to allow pari-mutuel betting to take place. Also, the NGC can get access to all records of groups aiming to offer esports betting functions.


A Formal Move

Although this new law allows people to place wagers on such actions in Nevada, this is not the first time where these competitive video game-based activities had been included in wagering functions around the region. William Hill and Downtown Grand both had permission to offer esports bets in the state. These two have been providing clients with services for these wagers over the years although there were never any official documents stating that those actions were seeing as being a part of what is allowed to work in Nevada.


This expansion ensures that people no longer need permission as such actions are actually legal provided that appropriate licenses are being utilized. The expansion should also help get Nevada to become a more popular place for a variety of esports activities. This even comes as more esports venues and setups are being established in Las Vegas, the prominent gambling capital of Nevada. The proper definition and regulation of such actions has ensured that it will be easier for such wagers to be placed properly and offered to the public in general.


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