New Developments In the World of Online Gambling Legislation

New Developments In the World of Online Gambling Legislation

The efforts for online gambling legislation have been extensive in recent time. More parts of the world are looking to make many gambling activities legal in a variety of forms. This has especially been prominent in a few parts of the United States, a country notorious for having difficult bans on online gambling activities in many forms. However, Australia might be going in a different direction.


Developments in Pennsylvania

To start, the state senate in Pennsylvania has introduced a bill that could get online gaming to be legal in the state. There has been some effort to make online gaming legal but many physical casinos are concerned about this. This comes as the tax rate for online sites would be 14 percent, thus making it so traditional casinos will lose a great deal of revenue. The tax rate for land-based sites is at 54 percent in this state.


There are also concerns about underage players having easy access to some of these games. Still, there is also the argument that those who play online can receive proper legal protection if the games were to be regulated within the state. The debate on this part of gaming is expected to continue as more information on how this can work will be exchanged over time.


Michigan Plans Are Noteworthy

The state of Michigan is considering getting into the online gaming industry as well. A proposed bill on the subject has gone through that state’s senate although it is unclear as to whether the bill will actually go through. This comes as there are worries over how Michigan casinos will actually endorse the bill. There was even one similar bill that had been introduced that was passed by the state senate but eventually fell to the wayside.


Whereas many land-based casinos in Pennsylvania have expressed some interest in online gaming activities, the ones in Michigan have been adamantly against such rules. This comes as the physical spots in the state, particularly those around the Detroit area and even spots in nearby Windsor, Ontario have been opposed to this. While added tax revenue can be brought to the state, there are worries over how the physical spots for gaming may be harmed.


Australia’s Latest Concern

The Australian government may be passing laws to keep online gaming from happening, thus going in the opposite direction as much of the rest of the world. The Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill 2016 was introduced by the government recently. Although it has not passed, it is still on the table and could pass as the bill has been in discussion in recent time.


It would be illegal to engage in online gambling in Australia if this bill passes. This could cause a loss in tax revenue in the country if it would pass. Even so, it would still be impossible to totally block any of these spots in any case. Places like the Betsson Casino and Betsafe Casino are still open for players in Australia although they could be in jeopardy depending on what happens.

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