Nolimit City Reaches Agreement With Kindred Group

Nolimit City Reaches Agreement With Kindred Group

Nolimit City, a prominent Stockholm-based online casino platform and developer, has established a new partnership with the Kindred Group. Formerly known as Unibet, Kindred has become a popular gambling operator around Europe thanks to its many gaming setups.


The two entities have been growing around Europe and are looking to expand their presence around the continent. Nolimit City and Kindred are teaming together to expand upon their efforts to make them more popular in the online casino world.


There is also a desire for the two to compete against iGaming and other entities around the continent. This is to get out to more online casino sites and to also become more competitive in terms of how it is offering a number of features and qualities all around.


Special Terms

The terms that are used by the agreement between Kindred and Nolimit City will work to help with getting many different games out to the public. Some of the games being offered by Nolimit City include Oktoberfest, Sushi Mania and Creepy Carnival to name a few. These are being offered to make for some special games that people will enjoy playing with.


These games are made with the HTML5 platform in mind. This is used to work on many computers while also helping to support some appealing graphic interfaces. The new partnership will help to make it easier for the gaming program to work well.


Adding Interest

A key part of the partnership involves making it so customers will be more interested in the offerings that Nolimit and Kindred have to work with. Part of this includes offering something intriguing and appealing while offering a vast variety of systems and points. There is also a desire to expand upon the overall portfolio that is to be managed over time and could make for a real change in the online gaming industry.


This comes as there is a general desire to make the businesses run properly and to offer a better variety of games for all sorts of desires. There is also a need to expand upon the European markets that have already been regulated. This especially comes about as there is a need to have a strong setup that is not too complicated or far too difficult.


Kindred is also a company that has grown to make a £175.6 million bid to acquire 32Red. This includes not only current assets of 32Red but also some added terms. The move by Kindred to take in the business came in the early part of 2017. This was to help with getting more positions to develop around many parts of Europe. Efforts to grow in the UK and Gibraltar have been supported as well as work to get out in Italy.


The expansion of products from Kindred has also been a real priority in recent time. This is to help with making it easier for the company’s products to be available to a larger overall audience and to really draw upon what people may find at different online casinos.

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