Novomatic Gets Record Revenues

Novomatic Gets Record Revenues

Novomatic announced that its revenues in 2016 reached a record for the group. It had a revenue total of €2.29 billion. This marked a 10 percent increase over what it had the year before. This total moves up to €4.4 billion when the Swiss groups that are operated by the same entity, ACE Casino Holding and Gryphon Invest, are added into the picture.


The company also grew upon getting a majority of the shares in the Australian Ainsworth Game Technology company. This company has developed a strong presence in many parts of the world. The specifics of the transaction entail getting 53 percent of the shares in the business.


Extra effort is expected for Novomatic to be more prominent in certain markets. This includes a goal to get into the Americas and Asia as well as much of Australia. The Ainsworth deal is expected to be a key factor in making it work.

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