Online Gambling Legislation to Stop in Massachusetts in 2017

Online Gambling Legislation to Stop in Massachusetts in 2017

The state of Massachusetts had expressed a desire to bring in online gambling into the region. However, it is extremely doubtful that any legislation relating to the activity will actually be passed in 2017.


Massachusetts State Senate president Stan Rosenberg stated that it is doubtful at this point that online gambling will be made legal. The next session is expected to be one where some plans might be used to determine what might happen with the gambling industry over time. It will be important to look at what can develop with regards to the different types of efforts to make the state take in online gaming.


Lottery Issues

One concern that came about involved how the state lottery might be impacted. Plenty of effort was used to try and ensure that there are no problems involved with keeping the lottery organized right. There were worries about how the state lottery could be hurt in some way.


The plans for managing the state lottery has been concerning as the lottery is used to raise funds for a number of causes within the state. There have been issues over the lottery being harmed and how many land-based operators might be at risk of real harm from different problems coming about over time.


Another Failed Effort

There have been some attempts to try and get online gambling to be included as part of the gambling industry in Massachusetts. The S241 bill that was issued in the 2015-16 session of the Senate was rejected. This was possibly capable of making it so it would be easier for such online activities to be offered.


SD.618 is another bill that had been introduced but there have been issues on how licensing procedures and taxation plans have to be reviewed as well. There are also a number of gambling regulations being introduced but it is critical for the state to look at what can happen over time.


The general effort has been to try and make it so the government can easily collect more revenue. This could assist the state in growing to handle more functions relating to roads, schools and other functions. This especially comes about as the population of the state has been growing over time.


Commissions Are Working

A few commissions are being introduced to determine what might develop over time. The Commission on Online Gambling, Fantasy Sports Gaming and Daily Fantasy Sports will be posting its review on the gaming industry and what may develop in the field. This would be produced before July 31 although it would be too late at this point to get the program running.


The concern involving the potential for online gambling to be made available in Massachusetts is expected to continue to be a sizeable point for the future. This comes as there are issues surrounding how the lottery is to be organized. It is a necessity to look at how the government will review what occurs in the future and what may develop over time to try and make online gaming all the more prominent and noteworthy.

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