RGA’s GAMSTOP Brand Joins UKGC Self-Exclusion Scheme

RGA’s GAMSTOP Brand Joins UKGC Self-Exclusion Scheme

The Remote Gambling Association, the largest online gaming group in the world, has introduced the GAMSTOP brand as a means of working with national online self-exclusion scheme. This brand was made as a means of meeting the standards which have been established by the UK Gambling Commission License Conditions (UK casinos with this license) and Codes of Practice to keep problem gamers protected and at less of a risk of getting into further trouble.


The scheme is designed to help with improving upon how gambling addictions are controlled. This includes working to help people with curbing behaviors that might be dangerous and could come from engaging in gambling activities for far too long or much too often.


The design for GAMSTOP was made to be very efficient while using a strong brand that would focus heavily on integrating technology and allowing for improved communication among people in the industry. This would especially be designed to help people who are aiming to manage gambling addictions.


Although the online gaming industry has been growing within the UK with the Gambling Act of 2014 especially helping to make the field grow, there have been some concerns about addictions. This comes as many people engage in problem gambling activities. Added regulation is being promoted to help with keeping addictions from developing while ensuring that there are no problems with the industry.


The efforts by the UK government and other bodies are designed to protect the public. This comes as games of chance have proven to be too appealing to some people and have caused them to be more interested in a variety of functions.


A National Solution

The GAMSTOP brand is being used as a means of supporting a self-exclusion scheme to keep problem gamblers to fend themselves off of various gaming actions. This includes working work efforts to keep off of gaming sites and casinos around the country. The effort will especially work throughout the country to help with keeping such gaming functions to keep from being more of a threat than what they could potentially be.


The Remote Gambling Association is looking to keep problem gamblers out of these sites and to ensure that such addictions are not to grow any further. The preventative measures being highlighted are designed to work with support from the RGA to help with keeping behaviors from developing further.


Simplicity Is Key

The director of the new program is especially aiming to make this work with a singular website process to ensure that all people who want to get into the self-exclusion scheme are able to do this without any problems. It works to keep people who have gambling problems from making the situations they have fallen into worse than they already are.


UK authorities will continue to work with the RGA to help with keeping problem gambling issues from being worse. The GAMSTOP brand is expected to make a real impact as people will have a new service for ensuring that they can get away from many of the threats they have fallen into in their lives.

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