UKGC Works With ESIC to Supports eSports Regulation

UKGC Works With ESIC to Supports eSports Regulation

eSports have become very popular in recent time as more people are engaging in a variety of video game-related competitions. Betting on such esports activities have especially become prominent in recent time. As a result, there have been some efforts to try and get esports betting regulated within the United Kingdom.


The UK Gambling Commission recently expressed interest in the activity but has been suspicious. This comes amid concerns over whether or not esports are appropriate for betting purposes. There have been some worries in recent time over how such actions may be posed although some additional moves have been made to improve upon how well activities may work and be promoted within the country. It is all about improving upon how well different esports events are highlighted and served within the country.


Worrisome Keys

A significant issue with regards to regulating gambling on such events in the UK involves many issues surrounding how betting can work. This includes issues over skin betting and the RNG-heavy game events. These work as there are too many variables involved while people may also engage in potentially illegal activities to try and fix or inflate some of the events people could wager on.


The UKCG has found that a proper legislative framework has to be prepared as a means of allowing bets to work better and to be a little more under control. Even so, there are worries over how risks involved with rigging events could come about. Additional controls might have to be utilized to try and keep betting activities from being difficult to manage or otherwise hard to follow.


There are also issues over how many of these events are being held in numerous places around the world including in spots where fixing could potentially be a threat. The work from the UKCG is being anticipated as being critical to ensuring that there are no threats coming out of whatever is being promoted or offered in the state.


ESIC Support

The Esports Integrity Coalition has created an agreement of understanding with the UKCG in recent time. This works in that the UKCG could interpret esports activities as being around the same as what other sports are like.


Specifically, esports will be treated in the same way. It is to be subjected to some of the same rules that come about in the field and what may develop and function in a number of forms.


This agreement is similar to what was used in the American state of Nevada (all US casinos here). The ESIC reached an agreement with the state of Nevada as a means of promoting a number of gaming functions and to potentially make it so esports can be more prominent around the state while inviting a larger variety of events to take place around this part.


The growth of the esports industry has been relatively strong. The potential for the industry to keep on expanding is significant and will have to be reviewed based on what may come about in the future as the industry continues to thrive.

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