VideoSlots to Bring Stats Back

VideoSlots to Bring Stats Back

VideoSlots Affiliates, a casino affiliate program run by Video Slots Casino, had been going through an extensive amount of criticism in recent time due to concerns over transparency. This comes amid concerns over the Affiliate Guard Dog (AGD) and GPWA platforms and how they are not giving members the information that they are asking for with regards to how data and information is being managed in a certain manner.


The affiliate program has caused active players and unique depositors to be isolated in a manner. This comes as the program is not being transparent enough in terms of how revenue is calculated. Much of this especially comes as there are worries over how the program is not telling people about how money comes about and what is being done to ensure that the money involved in the program isn’t being handled properly.


The stat pages for affiliate members have been especially concerning as they have been removed for the most part. This comes as people are not able to get the information on their gaming activities as what they might have wished. However, VideoSlots is going to bring those pages back as a means of making it easier for more information to be shared with a larger number of people.


Discussion Results

The acquisition head at VideoSlots Affiliates has admitted that the affiliate program has not been working as well as it should have. This especially comes as it has been rather difficult to try and communicate with customers in many ways. Also, the operational costs for the program had totaled around 25 percent and that the cost of the license fee has been split as affiliates only pay their parts of the total cost for getting a license fee handled.


The move to remove the stats details in the program has also been concerning. This has been seen as a sign of the group not being direct about some of the details that the program has been working with.


Fee Issues

Many people are also complaining about unregulated fees. These are fees that are being added in addition to other charges and have proven to be rather difficult for many to handle. These fees have been gathered from the gross gaming revenue being offered the government.


Stats Information Being Offered Again

The main goal of offering stats information is to ensure that unfair fees will not occur in the future. This includes ensuring that more information is released in the future with regards to how well data is to be managed. This could help with impacting what might come about in the future with regards to how money is being managed at a given time.


Deposits, NGS, GGR and other points will be made available again to affiliates. Additional information will be provided to those affiliates in the future. This is being done with the intention of making it easier for the affiliates to feel confident about what they might have and how it will be used in a number of forms when managing a proper affiliate program.

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