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Being one of the most fun languages to learn, Arabic words might be hard to pronounce especially to those learners totally studding it as a foreign language. As a language that has in the past been neglected especially by the westerners after the terrorist attacks in America, the Arabic language has made its come back to being a multicultural language. This has also been made historical by some Arab-american learners who have been recruited to act as heritage speakers and become Arabic ambassadors throughout the world. These students though, have reported facing several difficulties when learning Arabic citing that mastering the script is a tough nut to crack.


As many people might not know, Arabic has also got an alphabetic order that is even much easier to narrate than of most other languages. This alphabet consists of 28 letters. This letters have four different forms depending on whether they originate from the beginning of the sentence, middle, end or if they stand alone.The authority board concerned recons that a learner should take at least 80 weeks in a classroom for about a year, studding on a full-time basis for them to achieve the required international standards of the Arabic language.Their is an estimated 420 million people who speak Arabic throughout the world which makes it fall on the 5th position on the list of the most spoken languages.


Why one should learn arabic

First of all, the Arabic language proves to be the only way one can access the Islamic culture as it enables the learner learn about the history of the Islam-Arabic people in general. Secondly, the skill of speaking fluent Arabic will always make one to stand out of the crowd regardless of what profession they are in. New graduates from the western countries equipped with the skill of speaking the Arabic language might find it easier to secure jobs in the Arab world where development is sky rocketing hence the need for importing more skilled and semi-skilled manpower.

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