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Online casinos are, in fact, services designed to please customers, and when you have a big service with a lot of customers some problems are bound to happen along the way, at some point. They don’t need to be big problems, and sometimes they can be promptly solved by customer support, but sometimes they can be cause for online casino complaints. Unfortunately, certain internet gambling venues, despite being a minority, tend to take for granted the trust of their customers and provide them with less than what they truly deserve - and that is fair play, a respectful treatment and swift service.


On the bright side, most players never get to experience any problems worth mentioning when they gamble online, but we can’t just ignore those who do. When something goes wrong and you feel like you’ve been cheated or treated poorly by the online casino staff or management, you should have a channel to express your concerns and misfortune. That way, bad experiences with casino websites will be equally exposed as the good ones and future players will have a better, more realistic image about that venue’s performance and reputation. AllStarsCasinos is here for you.

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Casino Diamond 777

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The casino does not pay winnings
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Claim amount: 200$
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Complaints Filed at AllStarsCasinos

On this page you’ll be able to go over all the negative comments about online casinos that are stored in our directory. As we’ve already mentioned, the majority of online gamblers have satisfying experiences with their chosen casinos, and that’s mostly because they visit reputable, highly rated websites. However, the internet is flooded with mediocre casinos and venues that just don’t live up to one’s expectations. Worst case scenario, you might stumble upon a rogue online casino and in that case it is imperative that you react and make your critique known to the public.


Also, online casinos aren’t perfect and sometimes even good and well-received casinos make mistakes and do wrong by some of their customers. The important thing is to raise your voice and put a stop to poor casino service, and you’ll be doing a favour to yourself, the casino you’re complaining against and gamblers that might follow your steps. When you run into an obstacle that prevents you from gamble seamlessly and comfortably, we strongly encourage you to fill in the form on our website and contribute to the transparency of our archive. All our readers can access the list of filed complaints to online casinos and use it as guidance. Join our battle against rogue casino practice and file your reproach, if you have one that is valid and noteworthy.


Reasons for Filing a Casino Complaint

There are numerous reasons why an online gambler might want to submit a negative remark about an unpleasant or a straightforwardly bad experience had at casino websites. Comments of dissatisfied casino users are usually motivated by the following occurrences:

  1. Non-payment of Winnings - this is the most frequent problem with online casino hubs and the most serious maltreatment a casino visitor can encounter. Players visit online casinos for fun, but also to win some money. To win money at a casino one has to invest some of his/her own funds, and when the casino refuses to pay out winnings to its clients, something is obviously wrong with its vision of doing business in the online gambling market.
  2. Slow payment - there are certain gambling websites that do not refuse to pay your earnings directly. They rather avoid it by prolonging the payment processing for as long as possible. This should often make clients to give up their withdrawal requests and go back to betting, risking more funds than they usually intended. Don’t let casinos with unreasonable processing times get away with their cheap strategy to retain more customers.
  3. Problems with Bonuses - as we all know, online casinos have a practice of giving out bonuses and hosting promotions. Despite the enthusiasm of players to win the bonus prize, casinos sometimes fail to go through with bonus specifications. One can’t help but feel disappointed.
  4. Poor Support - as a customer, when you come across a problem that affects your account, the games, or banking, the first thing you do is contact casino representatives, right? When you show initiative to find a working solution and you hit a firewall, you can only get frustrated. Unprofessional customer care whose useless advice comes overdue is one of the main reasons why casino members criticise casino brands.

We won’t get into explaining why these things happen - sometimes they are basically side effects of mismanaged online establishments, and sometimes projections of an ill-intentioned, unreliable casino brand.


Read Before You Submit a Complaint

If you wish to disclose a genuine issue with an unsatisfactory online casino you’ve had the misfortune to visit, feel free to describe it in detailed and in all honesty through our form. However, refrain from putting in false accusations and allegations that are simply not valid. It is not our intention to publicly attack online casinos that otherwise do good business because a customer didn’t take the time to get familiar with their policies and has now fallen under the spell of misinterpretation.


Since you’ve decided to gamble online with real money, make sure you spend enough time reading the terms and conditions proposed by the casino before you place your wagers. By wagering, you accept the terms and conditions, including wagering requirements for bonuses and time limitations and game restrictions as well. At that point you are bound by those terms and no matter how much you regret your actions afterwards it won’t do you any good. Read all the small lettering, and don’t just read them for the sake of reading - make sure you fully understand everything these texts represent.


For all other cases of poor customer treatment, purposeful denial of the obligation to pay out legitimate winnings, postponing of withdrawals, unreasonable wagering requirements, non-transparent terms and conditions, unlicensed software and rogue casino practice - accepts casino complaints from its estimated readers and seasoned online bettors.

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