How to play in gambling Craps

There exist 20-25 popular types of a dice game. One of the most well-known is Craps. This variant allows up to 20 players sitting at the same table, that is why it has lots of admirers. Besides, each one of them has chances of winning. At virtual casinos, there are no any restrictions to a number of players, as a rule. This gambling is popular for one simple reason – it provides a maximum winning probability.


The main thing in Craps is to understand the principles of move alternation. You need to know where you can and should place your bet, which is a probability of hitting the jackpot and how much money will you get. In contrast to roulette, you cannot just bet on any number here. At the same time, it is quite easy to play, even though there are many figures and layouts. It is enough to stay around a craps table for 20-30 minutes. If you want not only to have a good time but also win good money, it is necessary to gain an understanding of the terminology used in Craps and stick to the correct betting system.



Game rules

Craps game rules

The game is played in two rounds. The first one includes playing out the bet. Before rolling the dice the first time round, you may place your bet on the Pass line layout only. The minimum amount to bet is 1 chip and the maximum one – 5. If your throw is a 7 or 11, you will be paid out your winnings. However, if your throw is a 2, 3 or 12, you will win nothing.


In two above-mentioned outcomes, a game session is constantly played back till the total of both dice is equal to a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10. Further, the second round called Point Roll starts and other layouts become available. A dealer flips a specific chip to the «on» side and moves it on the number which activated the second round. It is called a point.


If the rolled number is 7 at the second round, all layouts lose except for the one called Come. The game is played till the dice show the number which activated the second round. At his time, Pass Line, Come and 6/8 are paid out if the activating sector was one of these numbers. If a point was positioned in two side sections of the Place Bet, the Come Bet is paid as 2:1 and the odds are 1:1 if it was positioned in the middle. The Field bet loses.


A shooter rolls the dice using one hand. He must shoot toward the farther back wall and is required to hit it with both dice. If the dice springs over the layout barrier, a dealer has a right to change them. The dice are replaced by the new ones every eighth round. If a shooter violates the roll rules, he forfeits his right to be a shooter.


Game field description

Craps playing field


  • Field – this sector gives the win if such number as a 2, 3, 9, 10, 11, 12 are thrown. Such numbers as a 2 and 12 are enclosed in a circle. Their odds are 2:1. The rest of the numbers are paid as 1:1;
  • 6/8 is a sector in the corner of the layout. It gives 4:1 odds if a shooter rolls a 6 or 8;
  • Place bet wins if you place your bet on any of the point numbers which are from 4 to 10 except for a 7. If your roll does not give the required result, it does not mean that your bet loses – you may leave it up on the layout till it passes or a 7 appears. Two side sections are paid as 2:1 and the odds are 1:1 for two ones positioned in the middle.
  • Come bet is an analogue of the Pass Line. If a 7 or 11 are rolled, you win. If the total is from 4 to 10 except for a 7, all chips are moved from the Come sector to some other number where chips should remain for one move. Then they can be taken into your bank or move to another place;
  • Don’t Pass Line is an exact opposite to the Pass Line. It is available at the first round. It wins if a 3 and 2 are rolled. However, if the rolled numbers are a 7 and 11, it loses. It remains if a point is open and is taken back by the bank when a 12 is rolled. After a point is established, this bet passes only if a 7 appears;
  • Don’t Come bet is possible after choosing a point. A 2 and 3 means that you win, a 12 is a return and the other ones tell about a loss;
  • Craps fields – a 2, 3, 13 craps passes if the correspondent number is thrown. The odds are 30:1, 14:1, and 30:1.
  • Seven only is betting that one of the dice will show a 7. The odds are 4:1;
  • (E) – a total of 11. The odds are 15:1;
  • Lose/Win bet passes if your bet passes after or before the dice show a 7.


Specific Craps terminology

This game has a specific terminology

Practically each gambling game has its own slang. The same goes for Craps. It is important to know gambling terms if you are going to visit real casinos. However, if you want roll the dice at online clubs (list of online casinos), there is no need in doing this. It is not obligatory to learn terms beforehand – you may get through its slang during 10-20 game sessions but if you want to represent yourself as the one of the gambling family, it is better to master this specific terminology before playing:


  • – Snake eyes – two 1s;
  • – Dice – 12 or 2, 3;
  • – Joe / Little Joe / Little Joe from Kokomo (difficult to find at native casinos) – 1 or 3;
  • – Hard 10 or Puppy paws – two 5s;
  • – Boxcar – two 6s;
  • Selected bones at 6 and 6
  • – Jimmy Hicks – a point on 6;
  • – Skinny Dugan – 7;
  • – Rollers – a point on 8;
  • Selected bones at 4 and 4
  • – Center or Field center – a point on 9;
  • – Yo – when a point is on 11;
  • – С&Е dice – 11;
  • – Winner, Born Winner – 11 or 7 after the Come bet.


Most of terms are used at Western gambling clubs. You may find the adapted versions which are spread locally. For example, they often say «Skinny» instead of «Skinny Dugan» and «Eyes» instead of «Snake eyes».


One strategy elements

Several elements of the strategy of this game

Craps is not just a gambling game. In many respects, it is a psychological battle because up to 20 gamblers may play at the same time, depending on the casino’s domestic rules. If you use the online version, a social factor ceases to have significance. Everything you have is your luck and statistics rules. In order to win more frequently, you may use the Martingail betting system. It has the following content:


Enter a session with the minimum bet. If a move finished for your benefit, place a bet on the minimum amount again. If you lose, raise your bet so that in case of positive outcome your received money will overlap the previous unfortunate bet and there will be some money left for the next minimum move. If you are out of luck again, raise your bank till you overlap a loss. The most stable sectors for the bets with a minimum risk:

  • Field;
  • Come;
  • Place Bet.


Along with the Martingail betting scheme, you may try using the system of Fibonacci. Experienced gamblers also use the Labouchere and Kuban schemes adapted from roulette but for making effective use of them you need practise a lot and have a basic understanding of a theory of probability and statistics. If you are a newbie, trust you luck and intuition and try the Martingail betting scheme. Through a lens of your game experience, you will modify a strategy by yourself.


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