The terminology used in gambling

Description of gambling terms


Account – when finishing a registration procedure, each player gets an individual account where his or her money will be credited afterwards.


Action is the total amount of the gambler’s bets (in money terms) in one gaming session.

Aggregate Limit

Aggregate Limit is a total limit of casino payouts within one game.

Aggregate Winnings

Aggregate Winnings is a total win for one playing session.


Ante is the first bet in some games which is obligatory and is independent of whether a gambler will continue a game or not.


Baccara is a card board game with the usage of six or eight decks.


Banker is considered equivalent to a dealer at cards.


Bankroll is the player’s total amount of money meant for gambling.

Barred (Banned)

Barred (Banned) – a ban for a particular player on visiting a gambling house.

Basic Strategy

Basic Strategy – is a base blackjack strategy which reportedly allows winning more frequently.


Bet is a gambler’s bet which is made by way of placing gambling chips into a bet layout on the gambling table.

Bet max

Bet max means betting the limits, herewith a game will start automatically.

Bet One

Bet One means to place or raise a bet equal to the one in slot machines.

Betting limits, Table limits

Betting limits, Table limits is the limitation adopted for a particular game and limiting the maximum and minimum stake amount.


Bingo is a quite well-known and popular game which is a traditional lotto, in fact.


Blackjack is one of the most well-known card games; a combination of 10 and an ace at an eponymous game.


Bonus is casino reward money which is commonly provided for free or with certain conditions.

Bonus Hunter

Bonus Hunter is a player logging in a casino with the aim of getting a bonus, who withdraws funds after observing all conditions of wagering a provided bonus. Lots of gambling houses disapprove such players, so if you want hunting for bonuses, do it carefully in order to hide your real intentions.


Buck is a bet equal to $100.


Bug is the same as the joker.


Bust is scoring points which exceed the required amount in blackjack that is automatically leads to a loss at a game.


Call is a gambler’s agreement to continue a game by way of an additional bet, the amount of which depends on other gamblers’ bet and the amount of ante.

Card counting

Card counting is a strategy based on counting cards in blackjack, the usage of which reduces the casino’s advantage.

Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker is one of numerous poker varieties where a client having five cards plays against a gambling house.

Cash-out or Withdrawal

Cash-out or Withdrawal is a cash withdrawal from a personal account with a help of any methods supported by a gambling house.

Cashier, Bank

Cashier, Bank is an online casino’s software functionality, by means of which gamblers can make a deposit or withdraw money from their personal account.

Chasing Losses

Chasing Losses is a gradually growing bet raise. As a rule, it is used by gamblers in order to recover money lost in previous bets.


Chip is a casino token of various face value which is used for betting.

Clear, Clear Bet

Clear, Clear Bet – a possibility of removing bets at online casinos before the next round.

Coin, Token

Coin, Token is a coin used in order to pay for a game in gambling slots and other slot machines.


Columns are a column bet in roulette, featuring a specific number sequence.

Comp Points Loyalty

Comp Points Loyalty is a bonus variety, which features club points which are credited to a player and calculated depending on the amount and the number of his placed bets.


Comps are benefits provided by a casino when gamblers visit it. In virtual online casinos, they are expressed in bonuses or offer an opportunity of playing in a demo mode with the aim of attracting a visitor to gamble for real money.


Copy is when a player and a dealer have the same hands.


Credit is a key button of slots and gambling machines for choosing the face value.


Croupier is the same as a dealer.

D’Alembert System

D’Alembert System is a game system invented by D’Alembert. The principle is that gamblers stake one base staking unit more after a losing bet and one base staking unit less after a winning one.


Deal is a button, the activation of which gives rise to a fresh deal; dealing cards.

Dealer, Croupier

Dealer, Croupier is a casino representative, who plays against gamblers at most of games available at casinos, deals cards and spins a roulette wheel.

Deposit, Cash in

Deposit, Cash in is crediting funds to a casino account by means of various payment systems.


Double is doubling bets in blackjack; a risk game in gambling machines, giving a possibility of doubling your winnings.

Double Down

Double Down is a gambler’s opportunity of beating a dealer in blackjack by hitting just one card and double his winnings in case of a win.


Down card is a card that is dealt face down.


Download – a software download; as a rule, it is referred to a whole section on any online casino website or an online casino version which represents a downloadable client.


Dozen is a dozen roulette bet which features a sector consisting of 12 consecutive numbers, such as 1-12 or 25-36.


Draw is a sequence of cards when it lacks one card for getting a winning combination.


Drop is money which was lost within one gaming session.


Edge is the existing gambling house’s advantage over the gamblers, expressed as a percentage.

En prison

En prison – one of the roulette rules when a stake is left on the gambling table till the next spin in case of zero or double zero sectors.


Even is an outcome of a roulette sector with an even number.

Even Money

Even Money Bet is betting on an event with even chances, payout odds of which are equal to 1:1.

Expected Win Rate

Expected Win Rate is a percentage of wagered money which a player expects to win back.

Face Cards

Face Cards are cards depicting persons (for example, a queen, a king or jack).

Fair game

Fair game is generally a fair game where a gambling house has no advantage over the players. It is extremely rare.

First base

First base is a blackjack position at the first box.

Flat Betting

Flat Betting is a game strategy the essence of which consists in betting the same amount.

Flat Top

Flat Top is a simple gambling machine opposed to a progressive one.


Floorman is a gambling house’s manager.


Fold is throwing away cards after which all bets placed earlier are lost.


Freespins are a type of bonuses in gambling machines, where a player gets the certain amount of free spins requiring no deposits.

Front money

Front money is the amount of money deposited by a gambler to his or her casino account.


Gamble is an opportunity to have a risk and double your winnings in gambling machines.

Gross Winnings

Gross Winnings is a total payout including the first stake as well. Not to be confused with net winnings.


Hand – refers to the cards a player or a dealer hold at various card games.

Hard Count

Hard Count is activity in which currency but not gambling chips is counted.

Hard Hand

Hard Hand is a hand in blackjack, which values 11 without an Ace.

High roller

High roller is a player making rather significant deposits and wagering large amounts of money. High rollers are so called VIP-players. When it comes to Internet-casinos, a high roller is generally a player bringing more than $1.000 to the table, whose bet turnover is equal to $50.000 per month.


Hit is to take another card in blackjack.

Hold Your Own

Hold Your Own is when your loss is equal to your prize.

House Edge

House Edge is a percentage of the existing gambling house’s advantage over a gambler.

Inside Bet

Inside Bet is a bet on a number or a combination placed on the inside layout of the roulette table.


Insurance is a possibility of paying a half of a stake and insure against a dealer’s possible «blackjack» combination, when a face-up card is an ace.

Jack or Better

Jack or Better is a video poker player’s hand starting with a pair of jacks and higher, which provides winnings.


Jackpot is the large amount of money (sometimes even a fantastic one) which is paid out in case of getting some rare combination. As a rule, it starts with the minimum value and is gradually increasing through a bet percentage.


Joker is the 53rd card in a deck, which can take the place of any other card.


Juice is commission taken by a gambling house.


Kicker is a card of the highest value, which does not contribute to a winning combination.

Laying the Odds

Laying the Odds is a player, who places a bet on the most probable event, regardless of the fact that the amount of his winnings will be insignificant – in other words, the one who plays it safe.


Layout is the gambling tableʼs surface which includes bet layouts.


Limit is the maximum amount of money which can be put on a particular event.

Load Up

Load Up is a maximum bet on the possible amount of coins or chips in gambling machines.


Lobby is a home menu of an online casino where you can chose the game you are interested in, go to a bank, ask for a help etc.


Loose is gambling machines providing insignificant payout if a gambler wins when playing them.


Martingale is one of the most known and widespread systems for a roulette game, which enjoys great popularity in beginner players.


Monkey is a colloquial name of a card which values 10.


Multiplayer is a multi-user game mode where several players have a possibility of playing at the same table.


Natural is a two-card hand of twenty-one points (blackjack).

No More Bets

No More Bets is a phrase which can be heard when playing with a real croupier and meant that bets are not accepted anymore at the given hand.


No-download is an online casino’s software which does not require downloading additional files and running on such web technologies as Java and Flash.


Nut is the particular amount of money, after hitting which a player is looking to leave a gambling house.


Odd is an even number sector drawn in roulette.


Odds are the payout amount in relation to a stake – for example, 5:1 or 1:1.

One-Roll Bet

One-Roll Bet is a one round bet – for example, in dice games, such bet wins or loses as a result of one dice roll.

Outside Bet

Outside Bet is bets located on the outside part of the layout. They include betting odd or even, red or black, dozen bets etc.


Overlay is a bet which gives a gambler a certain advantage over the gambling house.


Paint is the same as Face Card.


Parlay is a betting system in roulette.


Pass is a refusal of continuing or starting a game.


Payline is a certain line in gambling machines, where identical winning symbols must line up.


Payout is a percentage ratio of paid out money to the placed bets. In fair and reliable casinos, this percentage is equal to more than 90% and checked by competent audit organizations.

Payout Percentage

Payout Percentage is a percentage programmed in all gambling machines, which determines the return amount of the placed bets by way of winnings.


Paytable is a table of winning combination payouts, where the amount of winnings is indicated in relation to a bet in percentage terms.

Playing the Rush

Playing the Rush is a player who won a large pot of money for a short gaming session.


Poker is a well-known and popular card game which includes lots of variants.


Press means to bet the larger amount than usual or double up.


Progressive is a slot having a progressively growing jackpot.

Punch Board

Punch Board is a game based on the lottery principle, in the process of which all the put their money with an eye to a massive prize.

Punto Banco

Punto Banco is the same as Baccara.


Quarter is a $25 casino chip.


Raise means to increase a bet. The amount depends on the rules of a particular game.


Rated is a fairly experienced and famous player, who has a certain rating.


Rebet is a button which allows repeating a previously placed bet.


RNG is a random number generator.


Roll is a button launching a game where dices are used.


Round is one game cycle (for example, one spin in roulette and one hand at cards).


Scam is an attempt of both casino and gambler side cheating.


Scatter is a scattering symbol; it represents a specific symbol in slot machines which provides certain winnings or launches a bonus game – for example, freespins.


Session is one gaming session in a virtual gambling house, starting with the moment of entering a website and finishing after leaving it.


Shoe is a box used for holding cards to be dealt.


Shooter is a player who rolls the dice in craps.


Shuffle is an action carried out by a dealer, the essence of which consists in shuffling cards in a deck.

Sign up, Registration

Sign up, Registration is a common registration procedure on a game resource, in the process of which users report personal information required for a game to the casino administration.

Single player

Single player is the single game mode alone with a program.


Sixline is a roulette bet placed on six numbers.


Slot is a gambling machine with spinning reels; more advanced ones are called video slots.

Soft Hand

Soft Hand is any hand in blackjack, where an ace is counted as eleven.


Software is a computer soft, by means of which it is possible to play at virtual gambling houses. There are several internationally famous software vendors whose soft acts as a guarantor of integrity and reliability of many online casinos.


Spin is a button, by means of which it is possible to launch a game in roulette or slot machines.


Split is a possibility of splitting identical cards into two playing hands in blackjack.


Stand is a refusal of the widow; leaving all current cards in blackjack.

Straight Up, Number

Straight Up, Number is a roulette bet placed on one particular number.


Street is a roulette bet placed on three numbers forming one row.

Support Service

Support Service is a customer tech support service at online casinos, providing assistance via chats, e-mail or by phone.


Surrender is the player’s right in blackjack or Casino War. He has a possibility of giving up the further game – in this case, he loses one half of his bet.

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions include conditions of a casino, containing important game information – for example, the list of countries, the players from which are banned to access a casino or conditions of getting and wagering bonuses etc.


Underlay is an unprofitable stake or a wager of the provided bonus with unachievable conditions.


Unit is a conventional designation of a minimum bet.

Up card

Up card is an open face-up card owned by a dealer, which is seen by all players in blackjack.

User name

User name – after finishing a registration procedure, all online casino’s visitors get a unique name which they choose by themselves. In some cases, it may be also generated by a computer.


VIP is a very important visitor; a client enjoying casino privileges.


VLT is a video lottery terminal.


Wager (the betting odds) is the amount of bets placed by a gambler. When a player hits it, he or she gets a possibility of withdrawing winnings received as a result of giving a bonus. This value is usually calculated according to the following formula – a wager = 5* (a bonus + a deposit).


Whale is one of the high rollers’ names.

Wild card

Wild card is a joker or any other card which completes a set of cards till the winning combination. Its value can be decided by the wishes of the players.

Wrong Bettor

Wrong Bettor is a player who bets the Don’t Pass Line in a dice game.


Zombie is a player playing it cool during a game, regardless of results.