Frequently asked questions and answers to them

General questions

Are there any computer programs which provide assistance to the gamblers?

Currently, there exist lots of programs which allows studying optimal game strategies, improve skill level, explore the casino’s advantages when playing particular games etc.

May I become addicted to online casinos?

When gambling, you need to be highly responsible and keep a tight rein on your actions. If you follow basic rules, it is hardly likely that you will become addicted to virtual casinos.

Is it possible to chat with other users during a game?

It should be noted that not many casinos offer such opportunity. However, it is not uncommon. If personal interaction is of great importance for you, choose that very online casino which will meet your demand.

Is it possible for several gamblers to play at the same table?

Many online casinos make it possible for several users to play at the same table. Surely, this only relates to the games where a simultaneous game of several gamblers is provided by the rules. Moreover, some virtual casinos allows inviting your friends and play with them only.

How do casinos raise money?

All casino games include the percentage of its profit which means that it will still win some amount of money in the long run. This ensures a casino’s income.

How to determine the casino payout percentage to gamblers?

Frequently, data on the average payout percentage of online casinos are published directly on their websites. However, it should be mentioned that these data significantly vary when it comes to different games and bet types.

Who is controlling the work of online casinos?

All serious online casinos are controlled by not only public authorities but also international independent organizations. Results of such checks are usually published on the casino’s website.

What provides randomness of the online casino game result?

All respectable and serious online casinos use a random number generator which guarantees unpredictability of the game result. The companies producing software for virtual casinos are responsible for the quality of their products, so casinos cannot interfere with the work of the random number generator.

Does a gambler have a possibility of checking his transaction history?

A great number of online casinos offer their users the given possibility. This helps to rapidly solve different questionable matters.

How do online casinos provide private information security?

All serious online casinos use the most recent data encryption techniques, that is practically eliminates the possibility of their theft. A level of reliability can be compared with the one of major financial institutions.

Who should I talk to if I have any questions and problems?

Each serious online casino has a professional support team. There are three ways to connect it: a telephone line, e-mail and a chat channel. Many Internet casinos have a multilingual support team available.

How can I refill my game account at online casinos and withdraw my funds?

Practically all online casinos offer lots of ways for refilling your game account and withdrawing funds. They include credit cards, various payment systems, e-money, payment checks etc. It is important to remember that one and the same way is not always suitable for refilling an account and withdrawing funds.

Is it obligatory to have a good deal of money for playing at online casinos?

The vast majority of online casinos are characterized by an excessively attractive bet policy, in a good way though. In many games, minimum starting bets can be equal to several cents, and a minimum deposit amount to several tens of dollars. So, in order to play for lowest stakes, you need an incredibly small sum of money.

Do online casinos offer a free-to-play game mode?

Most of online casinos offer their visitors a possibility of using a free-to-play game mode which may bear different names. Due to the given mode, you will get a possibility to master new games, practise professional skills and just have a good time.

Are there any limitations for the players from some countries?

Some casinos do not approve the users from particular countries to play or place limits on their bonus program and various rewards. A prohibition on playing at online casinos can be connected with the countries’ legislation and all possible limitations with frequent attempts of the users from these regions to violate established rules. This point should be obligatory clarified when studying a user agreement.

Which demands for the playersʼ age are made by casinos?

Generally, casinos do not allow playing for money when it comes to the visitors under 18 or even 21. All virtual casinos have their user agreement where you may get more detailed information.

Is it difficult to log in online casinos?

The process of logging in an online casino is intuitively clear and will not cause difficulties even in case of carrying it out in a foreign language. A point to keep in mind is that you should obligatory provide reliable data and consider some nuances.

Should I put trust in new online casinos?

Virtually, new online casinos appear almost every day, attracting players by liberal rules, generous bonuses and massive jackpots. Each of them has its own strengths and weaknesses. The most important thing is that this particular Internet casino shall be the one to have trust in.

What should be mentioned when choosing an online casino?

When choosing an online casino, you need to pay your attention to a variety of aspects, including the virtual casino’s reputation, the range of games, availability of bonuses, a policy towards players from your country and many others.

How high are demands of online casino programs for PCs?

By present standards, the sizes of online casino programs and their demands for PCs are not high at all. They can be easily downloaded even in case of the slow Internet connection speed and launched even on low performance systems.

Where to find software for playing online casino games?

Practically each online casino offers its users to download and install a program, by means of which it is possible to play at. In most cases, the given process is provided with step-by-step instructions and does not cause difficulties. As a rule, there is also a possibility to play without downloading software – however, this variant means a limited casino version only. That is why it is recommended to use flash-versions only if it is impossible to download and install a program.


Are there any specific game conditions for high rollers in casinos?

High rollers are always welcome guests in casinos, so specific game conditions and other benefits are an ordinary practice.

Are there any specific conditions when playing for bonus money?

As a rule, funds credited as bonuses cannot be immediately withdrawn. You need to make them turned over – in addition, conditions may significantly differ from a common game for money. For this reason, do not forget to thoroughly examine all bonus offer nuances.

Which bonuses are there in online casinos?

Online casinos offer their users a great variety of bonuses which differ in all possible parameters.

What is a wager and which are turnover requirements?

A wager is a bonus wager coefficient which determines a total sum of bets required for turnover. Before withdrawing your bonus in real cash, you should make it turned over. In order to do this, you need making up a sum of bets which is equal to a bonus multiplied by a wager. In most cases, you need to wager the amount 45 times of the sum of the credited bonus. In this case, if you get the bonus equal to 150 RUB with the wager 45, you need betting to the amount of 150×45=6750 RUB. Each bet brings a gambler closer to the bonus wager. Note: all games have their own bonus wager coefficient: a Keno game and slot machines pay out 100%, European Roulette – 70%, poker and video poker «Jack or better» – 10%, Blackjack – 5% and the bets placed in No Zero Roulette do not count for the bonus wager.

What is a bonus?

A bonus is an encouragement of a gambler by way of crediting additional money to his or her betting account. Its amount is connected with a sum of the contributed deposit: the higher the deposit, the higher bonuses you will get. As a rule, a bonus has wagering.


What are casino jackpots?

Lots of online casino games provide a possibility of winning a great sum of money called a jackpot. The amount of jackpots and their draw conditions dramatically vary.


Are there online casino tournaments between the gamblers?

Most of online casinos hold tournaments in highly popular games on a regular basis. There exist many formats and different amounts of prize money. You can get more detailed information on tournaments, going directly to the casino’s website.

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