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We don’t know if you’re aware of this but there is more than one obvious way of earning money from online casinos. Apart from placing real money bets on games with the best payout rates, the best bonus features and most lucrative prizes, casino lovers have the chance to participate in online casino affiliate programs for the purpose of promoting a specific casino brand and making extra money for both the operator and themselves. If you’re not familiar with the concept of affiliate programs, we’ll get to it in a moment, just know that you are not expected to do anything overly complicated and the outcome is beneficiary most of the time.


AllStarsCasinos presents you with an eclectic directory of affiliate programs devised to facilitate promoting online casinos across the web. Each affiliate scheme is reviewed and eventually rated by our experts on the matter, who’ve previously taken an excessive list of characteristics into consideration (software, negative carryover, bundling, revenue share, sub-affiliates and so on, with these being available on this page for potential filtering on four directory). If you’re a gambling webmaster, the AllStarsCasinos affiliates list will cut down on your hard work and give you fresh business possibilities to make use of.

Affiliate Programs Found
NetHive Affiliate program for webmasters
Software: Mexos
Revshare: 25 - 45%


Casino Affiliate Programs Explained

Even if you haven’t had empirical experience with participating in an affiliate arrangement, you must have seen that the majority of online casinos feature a section dedicated to such activities. Affiliate programs are almost like their side projects, maintained for the purpose of promoting the casino website through what is known as affiliate marketing. A person or a company that assumes the role of a promoter becomes an affiliate and starts conducting performance-based marketing in order to receive adequate compensation for the effort.


By using voluntary affiliate resources, casinos that have restricted access to public marketing such as television achieve a satisfactory result in making their brand known across the gambling community. The whole business of advertising is done through either tracking URLs or promo material such as banners and ads which are passed on to the affiliates and integrated into their own webpages. As a webmaster individual or a webmaster company which tackles the subjects of online casinos, you can register to an affiliate scheme and receive a one-of-a-kind tracking URL or a banner with an embedded ID code to be featured on your website. Thanks to these parameters deeply integrated into the material, the traffic directed to the online casinos you’ve partnered up with, coming from your website in particular, can be tracked and evaluated, only to serve as the basis of your earned share of the profit later on.


When internet surfers who happen to be big casino enthusiasts click on the link or ad banner they will be automatically redirected to the casino website whose affiliate you’ve signed up to be. A solid number of all the users referred by you will start placing real money bets at the venue instantly, and this will largely determine the size of your compensation. Simply out, your marketing performance is essential. By reading a healthy number of online casino affiliate programs reviews you ought to get a more transparent picture of what the situation with affiliates is currently on the online casino market. There must be an appropriate deal for you out there somewhere.


Using Affiliate Marketing to Make Money

Does being a private advertiser even pay off? In the case of online casinos, it does; otherwise the concept of affiliate programs would have died out years ago. Thanks to great design work applied in ad banners and the attractiveness of quick links, the magic of sharing pays off most of the time. There are several different ways to scoop up earnings from conducting low key advertising campaigns for internet casinos.


One of the most common ways to award casino partners is to pay them per NDP or, in other words, to follow the CPA model. CPA stands for ‘cost per action’ while NDP is short for ‘new depositing player’, which brings us to the conclusion that the compensation will include a determined amount of money based on every visitor that becomes a depositing player by navigating to the casino through your website link. Another possible arrangement would be to receive a share of the profit generated by the referred player to the benefit of the casino. This is also known as the CPS model, or ‘cost per sale’ where the payment is calculated according to player’s losses, aka casino’s gain.


According to payment arrangements we can differentiate most common types of partnerships:

  1. CPA affiliate programs – a commission is paid after the player has completed the casino registration form and made a valid deposit. Also known as unilevel partnership program.
  2. CPD affiliate programs – the payment is received in form of a calculated percentage of the player’s losses to casino’s advantage. Also known as revenue share, or binary program. The percentage or revenue share can go from as little as 10% to as much as 80%.
  3. Hybrid affiliate deals – sometimes online casinos and private affiliates sign contracts which are based on combinations of the CPA model and the revenue share reward scheme which usually results in a (lower) CPA percentage and a (lower) percentage or profit share.

Thoughts on Casino Affiliates

Being a casino affiliate is nothing but a clever way to monetise the traffic one gets by sustaining a casino-related website. By signing up to affiliate programs at several online casinos the possibilities to earn more money expand, and so do your future business venture opportunities. The fact is that online casinos rely heavily on the impact of affiliates and expect a considerable number of referred players to stick around, investing real funds into play. Recent studies have shown that affiliate programs are, in fact, the most effective tool for promoting casino sites and boosting their traffic. The use of dynamic links is a valuable internet resource, one worth looking into by reading a few online casino affiliate programs reviews. A comprehensive, regularly updated list of them is offered to you at this very page.

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