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The list of countries that provide licenses to conduct gambling

As we all know, things hosted on the internet are available to a global audience and there can hardly be any limits drawn in the virtual reality we all take part in on a daily basis. When it comes to internet gambling things are not as simple and certain requirements need to be met in order to secure a gaming license for a casino venue established online. Regardless of where the brand is based, online casinos can and need to acquire a license to offer gambling games and services to residents of certain countries; most of the time we’re talking about countries that have their own local laws that cover relevant legal and regulatory issues related to placing real money bets on the internet.

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Casino Jurisdictions in a Nutshell

Only certain territories in the world feature specific legislation essential to the matter of properly regulating companies that operate internet casino sites. The supply of gambling software also counts as a service exclusive to the industry, therefore game developers need to possess proper permits to distribute their software as well. These areas are known as online gambling jurisdictions, also licensing jurisdictions. As a key enforcer of a gambling jurisdiction there is always an organisation, a so called regulatory body or authority, in charge of issuing licenses, renewing them, and supervising the venues that own them on a regular basis.


A casino website doesn’t have to be fully based inside the limits of a licensing jurisdiction, but it is required to hold offices in the region and focus at least a part of its operations toward the country that has issued a valid license for its brand. You’ll find that many gambling sites adapt to the regulatory-friendly behaviour they need to demonstrate and choose their location according to the jurisdiction they strive to obtain a license from. In some cases they need to pay a certain fee in order to synchronise their operations to their licensing territory while not being physically located there.


The Importance of a Gaming License

In this section, AllStarsCasinos will present the list of countries that provide licenses to make online gambling possible to reliable and noteworthy online casinos. Having a license to host gambling games is mandatory and really makes a difference between a good online casino instalment and an inadequate gambling website that falls below standard. Don’t overlook this important element as it plays a key role in the quality and seamlessness of your online casino experience.


Not All Jurisdictions Are Equal

Not that we want this to happen, but it is possible for an online gambler to enter a dispute with an online casinos. In such situation, adequate regulation can make all the difference for the player who’s stumbled upon a predicament. Even though some form of regulation is definitely better than none, the real state of gambling jurisdictions worldwide showcases just as many strict organisations as it does authorities with no structure or intention to regulate a venue aside from providing it with a license at a low tax rate. These pretend authorities are otherwise known as ‘rubber stamp’ organisations, and their existence brought about the evaluation of the meaningfulness and quality of most of the active regulatory bodies out there.


This is why we felt the need to bring this list under a spotlight so our readers can contemplate on the importance of online casino jurisdictions and learn how to differentiate them. Beside each territory you’ll find a link to our review of that specific jurisdiction, which is admittedly convenient in case you wish to find out more about it right away and cross-reference the info with the background of your favourite online casino.


Most Trusted Casino Regulators

When a gambling jurisdiction demonstrates the best standards of regulation and invests a lot into player protection and casino software auditing, it deserves to be trusted. There are several jurisdictions well-known for their trustworthiness and the constant enforcement of safety, so if you choose an online casino that operates under these jurisdictions place your bets without worries because you’ll surely be experiencing a fair game. Here are some of the top tier territories that offer licensing services to online casino operators:

  • Gibraltar – Many of the top casino brands of today are licensed in the Gibraltar jurisdiction. The small British territory is home to the Gibraltar Licensing Authority, which has been issuing licenses to deserving gambling venues since 1998. You won’t find any rogue or blacklisted gaming sites that hold the Gibraltar license, even though a great deal of its allure comes from the fact that tax rates are considerably low. Gibraltar license holders need to go through an intense procedure of evaluation before they get granted the seal of approval from the Gibraltar Licensing Authority.
  • Isle of Man – Another territory under the British Crown, Isle of Man has become very popular among leading casino operators. The island’s main activity is the online gambling industry, and due to its self-governing status it was able to establish the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission which is responsible for casino regulation. In 2001, the Isle of Man jurisdiction stared issuing licenses to e-gaming venues, as well as performing external monitoring of gaming software through third-party companies such as eCOGRA or ITLabs. The tax policy is also quite reasonable in this jurisdiction, which contributes to its popularity.
  • The United Kingdom – The UK hosts one of the most active gambling communities in the world. After the UK Gambling Commission was established, the United Kingdom jurisdiction became one of the most sought-out license-issuers in the business. Even though tax rates are higher in comparison to other reputable jurisdiction, the UK region boasts transparent legislation and firm regulation above all. The Gambling Commission takes complaints rather seriously and you can be certain they will deal with your problems in case a dispute occurs between you and the casino operator whose site holds a UK license.

There are other good, well-known online casino regulators out there, so take a look at our list for a full report on the subject of licensing jurisdictions.

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