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In case you were ever wondering where all those terrific games come from and how did they come about, the answer is through software development. Casino software is one of the most prolific branches of programming and design, which is responsible for the entire contents found at an online casino venue. It’s hard to believe that those amazing games, their animations, colours, structures and atmosphere are just characters written in a code, but that’s the magic of technology. Gambling institutions can’t function without proper software support; they are completely dependent on the performance, quality and variety of the pieces of software delivered from the manufacturing companies they cooperate with. AllStarsCasinos has gathered on this page all the noteworthy game suppliers that feature in the casino institutions recommended by our website.


Casino brands sometimes choose a one-software platform for its site and sometimes the location encases multiple types of software from different providers. Weather you care to admit it or not, the platform and all the programs integrated in it heavily influence the user’s overall gambling experience. It’s not all about placing bets and wagering money on anything, it’s about enjoying the games and their features and possibly making some money out of the whole ordeal. In that sense, getting familiar with the providers and knowing what you’re dealing with can be immensely helpful.

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Why Care About Casino Software?

Apart from licensing and regulation the credibility of software companies and the quality of their products should be one of your top priorities when on the lookout for a good gambling site. Casinos backed by single-software developers have a nice, uniform offer, but the overall modern tendency tilts towards casinos powered by a variety of different products from numerous developers. If a casino can handle a range of various platforms and types of devices, then you have a jackpot. We’ll make sure you find out about providers whose goal is to provide their customers with the best experience possible. Once you’ve found good gambling software, you can be sure it is free of malware and bugs, all those irritating things that might tamper with your smooth gameplay. We want none of that. It is well worth paying attention to online casino software if you value your time and money spent at casino websites.


The Situation on the Market

Online businesses are growing into even bigger empires than land-based industries. Such is the case with the online casino market which has even surpassed online shopping establishments. The internet is packed with gambling items with 3D features and special bonus rounds, mini-games and multi-player options, which makes it easy to understand why this industry of virtual entertainment is becoming one of the most powerful on the internet. Combine all that with secure payment options, prompt service and reliable payouts and you have yourself a first class online casino. As long as the website hosts different types of web applications and programs, it will serve a larger group of operators and customers, so it automatically represents a higher standard.


Types of Online Casino Software

Let’s slow down a little and look at the basics for a moment. Virtual casinos can be offered in two forms – as downloadable gambling software packages for desktop computers and smartphones or as browser-powered web solutions that don’t require any download. Comparing them, we can find several relevant differences, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. To each his own, meaning clients are free to choose whatever suits them best.


Downloadable casino packages, in their own merit, are the older take on virtual casinos, but still quite popular in the iGambling community. Especially the ones designed for contemporary mobile devices, which fall under the category of popular apps. The one thing you should pay attention to when going for downloadable gambling software is the compatibility with your device. If the device you plan on using meets the criteria and its hardware configuration doesn’t interfere with its ability to run the program efficiently, then you’ll have a full virtual gambling experience. The graphics are important, as well as seamless play without glitches. Downloading a casino package may take several minutes, but once you’ve finished you’ll get access across the platform, with impressive speed.


Web-based casinos, on the other hand, make use of Flash and HTML5 technology that enables them to run online, from any given device as long as it has internet connection. No-download software is an extremely convenient way to enjoy online casino games without having to go through the process of downloading and storing the program on your computer or mobile device. With this option, you’ll get instant access to a complete casino service and all the gambling items it encases. One thing, though – make sure you have a strong internet connection while you play at instant casinos. Otherwise, you might experience a lower performance of the program.



A few years ago gamblers may have not thought a lot about different platforms and possibilities of taking your favourite casino wherever you go, but today that is one of the biggest trends. Brick and mortar casinos are one thing, desktop and computer gambling another, and mobile wagering is a completely independent feature related to online casinos. At first, the software was available for download on your machine or on offer at an active website, but the mobile and tablet technology seems to have taken charge of the virtual gambling department. A huge number of gamblers turn to loading their preferred casino games on their mobile or tablet rather than on their desktops. The convenience of it is simply undisputed. Desktop, mobile or tablet – the choice is yours in the end, just make sure you get equivalent quality for different platform setups.



Don’t think we’ve been choosing all these manufacturers randomly – the hardworking team here at AllStarsCasinos has applied numerous criteria to present this list to you. And not just the list, each provider listed on this page is reviewed in detail so you can find out more about it and dig deeper in case you want to find arguments for our rating. Here are some of the most important factors we’ve taken into consideration, and you should to when checking out which software provider or providers you have at your disposal.

  1. Easy navigation, functional layout, professional design and technically achieved venue.
  2. Fast servers, able to support a huge number of users.
  3. Hassle-free depositing and withdrawing.
  4. Graphics and audio.
  5. Game variety.
  6. Certified and tested for fairness.
  7. Multiple-platform compatibility.
  8. Etc.

Game Variety

The suite of games available on site reflects in a great measure the overall quality and seriousness of the brand. The more, the merrier – as we like to say. Gamblers enjoy extensive choices and being able to switch their game every once in a while, despite having personal favourites to always go back to. What you need to look for when inspecting the integrated software is diversity, variations, different categories of games, as well as classic titles to round up the offer. Take your time and make elaborated stops at casinos that showcase products from multiple developers, boast colourful games and high ratings. Having to choose among hundreds of games will make you feel privileged and lucky to be alive right now, in an era when technology evolves with each passing moment. Load a casino lobby and hope to find slots and table games like blackjack, roulette, poker, craps, Keno, Pai Gow poker and video poker machines. A lot of well-received establishments will even have scratch cards and bingo games on offer.


Graphics and Audio

A great casino experience online can simply not be completed without the perfect combination of visual and auditory effects carefully added to your favourite casino games. Sure, the software needs to be functional above all, but it also needs to look good, sound good, and give out a positive vibe. This is achieved by design and adding sound effects. You’ll find a decent number of traditional online casino games with 2D features, but the latest releases will be adorned with stunning 3D graphics and immersive music scores. The bar has been set high with the launch of live dealer casinos and introduction of web camera technology and live feed, only to be questioned once again with the potential projects related to VR. We still don’t know for sure what the future brings, but by the looks of it – it is going to be something historic.


Some of the Best Gambling Software Providers

Even though the online gambling industry is a competitive field where new players get kicked out of the court every day, some game manufacturing companies have stood the test of time and the harsh criticism of customers and analysts. They now occupy the throne of the business and distribute their products to numerous online casinos across the web. The three biggest names in the iGaming community are Microgaming, Net Entertainment and Playtech. They are all known for its unique games and production lines that contain hundreds and hundreds of pieces of gambling software adored by internet gamblers around the world. These have also won numerous awards along the way and truly have something to show for. Certainly, there are other companies and software brands with good reputation and commendable achievements, and hopefully you’ll get to discover them all thanks to our list published on this page.

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