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A list of all the currencies that you can use to make the deposit and withdrawal of money

As always, we at AllStarsCasinos try to interpret every aspect of online gambling and present our readers with objective results and helpful advices. Online casino supported currencies are one of the aspects of internet gambling that doesn’t seem to be getting enough attention in comparison to other, more exposed characteristics of spending time at an internet gaming establishment. But much like other factors, such as software quality, payment method effectiveness and customer service performance, availability of bank notes is an important component of a casino experience.


There are a lot of online casinos catering to international players and, as we know, not all countries worldwide make use of the same money type. Some states share currency, others stick to their local government notes, and this can become an issue when you visit the cashier’s page at your preferred gambling site only to find out that the selection of available currencies for deposits and withdrawals is very limited. We are fond of choices, and that’s why we’ve decided to list all the bank notes that you can use to make the deposit and withdrawal of money for the purposes of online gambling.

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Local and Global Currencies

Roughly speaking, we could make a distinction between local currencies and globally accepted bank notes. Ones are strictly used in limited territories, while others are widely known and used across different state limits and circulate among different nationalities. The Swedish Krona, for example, is a good representative of the local currency concept. Distributed only in Sweden, SEK is immediately available to all the residents of this Scandinavian country, and they would have the most benefits for being able to use their Swedish Krona in online casinos directly. Alternatively, we have the US Dollar which is supported at just about every operating online casino. Some statistics show that USD is, in fact, the main money type used in the online gambling industry. Primarily printed in the States, the US Dollar is a globally popular foreign currency just as frequently used outside the US.


The European market is a specific topic when it comes to featuring different types of money at online casino installments. Countries in the European Union use Euro as the official currency, but some states have managed to preserve the potency of their local government notes. The Czech Republic still uses Czech Koruna (CZK) besides Euro, and if you choose a UK-oriented online casino chances are you’ll be able to use both Euros and British Pounds. Of course, the casino’s intention is to cater to a greater audience, and by enhancing the choice of bank notes the venue opens its doors to more customers.


The Advantage of Local Currencies

Choosing a local government note over widely accepted money comes with numerous benefits. One might think dedicating time to revise supported currencies and selecting the type of money to use in a casino is not worth the trouble, but the reality teaches us a different lesson. Every online gambler should determine a preferred money type for placing real money wagers and cashing out winnings, one that reflects his/her casino performance in the best possible way. Your winnings and deposits will be stripped from additional costs, fees, processing times and other gibberish only if you stick with your local money, the one you carry around in your wallet and have no need to exchange for foreign funds.


This is one of the main reasons why local currency gambling is better than using default settings at the cashier’s page. Spend your local money at the casino and you won’t have to convert any funds. The benefits are many – you’ll save time by eliminating additional steps in the processes of depositing and withdrawing, the transactions will become faster and simpler and you’ll end up saving a certain percentage of your funds by not having to adapt to conversion rates. Eliminating fluctuating exchange rates will save you a fair amount of money in the long run, and you’ll see yourself become a wiser gambler by using this simple trick.


Payment Methods and Casino Supported Currencies

Obviously, banking methods and accepted government notes are in a very tight relationship. When first setting up an account at an online casino, all players are required to choose their desired payment method and currency they wish to use for future casino transactions. From that moment on, every financial operation initiated by the player will be carried out by means of selected method, in chosen currency. A lot of banking methods offered limited funding possibilities in the beginning, but have now expanded their range of accepted currency options to include a wide range of local currencies. There’s been nothing but positive feedback from satisfied customers ever since. Naturally, players are allowed to change their payment method and currency at any point should they choose to, but it is far better to choose the right option from the start than sending a request to customer support and getting through administration.


To Sum Up

Before you start browsing our list of top currencies accepted by online casinos, let’s sum up and contemplate on the relevant points surrounding the action of choosing an appropriate currency:

  1. Having the ability to carry out financial transactions in one’s local money is a huge benefit.
  2. Revising available currencies in not a waste of time, but a profitable investment in the long run.
  3. Using local currency dispenses with fluctuating exchange rates and additional exchange fees. Also enables faster processing.
  4. Using foreign money is something you should consider only in the case when choosing a local currency is not possible. If you are firm in your decision to use foreign currency, make sure you opt for a banking method which has the ability to do a conversion before any transaction is made, preferably applying low fees.
  5. Save yourself from extra hassle by avoiding changing money mid-play. Take time in deciding which currency is the best for you before you engage in real money wagering. You’ll enjoy a piece of mind for the duration of your stay at the casino after settling the financial aspects of gambling at the very start.

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