Online casinos, that accept the Ukrainian hryvnia currency and players from Ukraine

The Ukrainian nation is a big fan of all kinds of gambling, from standard bookmakers to online slots and virtual table games. Ukrainian online casinos are a special treat for Easter European people, both as means of generating profit and a fun way to access internet entertainment. Nevertheless, finding a reliable place where to deposit in Ukrainian hryvnia, a website that accepts players from this East Slavic country, can sometimes be far from easy. As of recently, the official legislation does not allow gambling inside the state’s jurisdiction. But the internet knows no boundaries and all Ukrainians who are eager to place bets online can do so at international casino websites.


AllStarsCasinos will list on this page all the info found at our currently active directory on online casinos that cater to gamblers from Ukraine and allow them to use their local currency for funding casino accounts and requesting withdrawals. Detailed reviews of each venue are available, as are the links towards official casino sites rated here by our experienced staff. Filtering options are at your disposal too, in case you feel like reducing the inventory by introducing one or more of the available factors.

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Online Gambling In Ukraine

Over 40% of Ukrainians have access to the web and it is safe to assume that a solid part of them has tendencies to join online casinos through their desktop devices, or their smartphones and tablets. The Ukrainian culture has been, and still is, extremely tolerant and accepting when it comes to games of chance, but a lot of social and political turmoil that took place in the recent past left its mark on the status of physical casinos, sports betting houses and online gambling as well.



Ukraine was once rich with land-based casinos. Some sources say that there were over one hundred thousand gambling halls across country. In May 2009, there was a fire in one of them that resulted in nine fatal victims. Following this tragic event, the Ukrainian parliament banned all forms of gambling in the country. Weather this was only an excuse of an honest concern expressed by the government for the wellbeing of its citizens, the fact remains that gambling did slightly grow out of control at that point. Online casinos, however, continued to offer their services, somehow avoiding the ban and local operators hosted their casino games offshore for a few years more. In March 2017, an amendment to the “Law on Prohibition of Gambling Business” 2009 was added, completely banning any kind of betting activities and gambling behaviour in Ukraine. The only thing left are open-minded international online casinos. Unlike certain countries from the region, Ukraine hasn’t resorted to creating blacklists and blocking payments yet. As it appears, locals have no problems with using these sites or any troubles with receiving services from foreign operators.


Benefits of Ukrainian Online Casinos

In the lack of land-based casino establishments, gamblers from Ukraine can continue their betting endeavours in the World Wide Web and by doing so they can learn to appreciate all the benefits of playing casino games online, if by any chance they haven’t been aware of them before. Advanced software solutions and pocket device technology makes it possible for us to carry our virtual affections with us, including our casino accounts. That is a big door being opened for Ukrainian punters and this is what you’ll find by walking through it:

  • Unique fun provided by instant play, anywhere and anytime if accessed on a mobile. If acceded at home, then convenience and privacy are and added quality.
  • Numerous bonuses and incentives to enhance the gambling experience.
  • Progressive jackpot games with a history of reliable payouts.
  • Advanced casino gaming items with innovative features, delivered by the industry’s finest developers.
  • Profitable loyalty schemes for regular customers.
  • A Ukrainian-friendly environment. Websites that accept deposits from Ukrainian gamblers made in hryvnia (UAH). Some even offer their pages in Ukrainian language.

Banking at Online Casinos

The concern about making the right choice when it comes to choosing a funding method is constantly present among our readers, and we have no reason to think Ukrainians ought to be any different. If you’re from Ukraine, your banking options may be slightly limited compared to other, bigger gambling communities. Nonetheless, there’s no need for being disappointed because online casino venues with a tolerant policy toward Ukrainian visitors will usually bother enough to offer a method or two preferred by the daredevil Eastern Europeans. As expected, credit cards like Visa, Maestro and MasterCard are widely accepted, but in the spirit of internet anonymity it may be best to make use of reputable e-wallet services like Neteller or Skrill (formerly Moneybookers). Chances are you’ll also find Ukrainian online casino venues that offer WebMoney Transfer, EcoPayz and Ecocard vouchers, which may be even more to your liking.


Future Expectations

Due to current instability in the area and poor economy in the country, the Ukrainian government has decided to readdress the matter of legal gambling. With the objective of capitalising on the economic benefits of a legalised gambling system, the initiative was introduced in 2015. Apparently, that would be a way for Ukraine to become eligible for financial assistance provided by the International Monetary Fund. Land-based casinos, lottery, sport betting and online casinos are expected to be reintroduced in Ukraine by 2018. Note that these are merely anticipations without any official confirmation from the Ukrainian authorities. As much as local gamblers would take pleasure in the realisation of these plans, for the time being the government continues to be outside any online gambling activities related to residents of Ukraine. All things considered, the best thing for Ukrainian players at the moment is to choose a well-established casino website registered somewhere else, with a stable reputation, a reasonable selection of payment options and an inclusive attitude towards players from eastern parts of the Old Continent. On this page you’ll find a valid list of Ukrainian online casinos, institutions collected by that accept the Ukrainian hryvnia currency and players from Ukraine.

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