How to play roulette?

Most people associate casinos with a ball, chips, Roulette and a field with numbers. This is not surprising as Roulette is mentioned in lots of films and books on gambling houses. It is called the King of casino games. Even people bearing no relation to the gambling industry have seen the spinning numbered wheel or heard about it just once in their life. This game is highly popular at foreign clubs.


  1. There are three types of Roulette:
  2. Double-zero American Roulette;
  3. Single-zero French Roulette;
  4. Single-zero European Roulette.


A French version differs from the European one in the table layout and some changes in the en prison rule. If your spin is zero, the French give you back a half of your chips. The aim of a session in Roulette is to maximize your own bank while sticking to the chosen effective strategy.



How to play Roulette

Rules of the roulette game in online casino

The Roulette wheel should have 37 slots for the French and European versions and 38 (due to double-zero) for the American ones, including 18 red and 18 black slots and 1 green field. All colors are arranged in periodical order. If you play at the ordinary casino, the wheel size should be about 90 cm (32 inches) and its weight up to 40 kg (88 lbs). Unfortunately, there are no strict demands but most of developers try to stick to the classic style.


Before starting a session, a croupier says «Place your bets, gentlemen» and then gamblers are allowed placing bets on the table. They place their bets on a single number, two numbers, odd or even ones, black and red colors and other types of fields. It is possible to position chips on various sections, placing different bets. It should be noted that maximum amounts are limited in a sequential order.


The standard form of the roulette game table in online casino

This is how the gaming table looks in gambling establishments


For example, placing $100 on a single number, it is possible to place $200 on a couple of numbers; placing $1000 on an odd number, you may add no more than $2000 on an even one. The wheel starts spinning till the bets are not accepted any more. At his moment, a croupier says that «No more bets, place». Then the roulette wheel is turned in one direction and a ball spins in the opposite. When it stops, a croupier fixes and announces a number. A casino takes back losing bets and pays out the winning ones. In the American version, chance bets are paid off on a first-priority basis. The risk ones are the second to be paid. As for the European and French versions, it is just the other way round.


Watch this three-minute video. It briefly describes types, strategy and bets:


Game field description and odds

Description of the game field

There are the game sectors on the table


A drawing probability calculation depends on the game type. If zero is equal to 2 or higher, a winning probability increases to 5,3% and more. In case of one zero, an advantage of the gambling club will reach 1,3%. More favorable situation can be attained due to a zero position. The more green slots are on the wheel, the more strongly marked difference is between a gambler and a croupier. In order to minimize the imbalance, sit at the table having the French or European versions, avoid the American one or any triple-zero (or even more) modifications of this game.


  • The Straight Up bet is a single bet on one single number; a drawing probability is less than 3%. It is the most risky but the highest-paid bet. The odds are 35:1;
  • The Split bet is a bet on 2 numbers; a drawing probability is 5-6% (depending on the type providing a perfect wheel balance).The odds are 17:1.
  • The Street bet is a bet on 3 numbers. A drawing probability is 10-11%. The odds are 11:1;
  • The Sixline bet is a bet on 6 numbers. The chances are 19-20%. The odds are 5:1;
  • The Corner Bet is a cross or a corner bet which drawing probability is equal to 15-17%. The odds are 8:1.
  • The dozen or Column bet – a drawing probability is 23.5-24.5%. The odds are 2:1;
  • The bet on groups of numbers (high/low bets) is a bet on a group of low numbers (1-18) or high ones (18-36). The odds are 1:1. A drawing probability is 48,5-49%;
  • The Black/Red bets – the chances are 48,5-49%. The odds are 1:1;
  • The Odd/Even bets are analogous to the Black/Red bets.


There is one trick which allows getting an insignificant advantage over the gambling club. Keep a close eye on the wheel movement. Its mechanism tends to wear out and as a result of this a balance stops being perfectly random. The same effect is possible due to a worn out ball. If you carefully check the wheel, you may notice some deviations because of which it rolls down mainly in one direction. If you find such defect, the difference between you a croupier and a croupier will be neutralized. It is impossible at online versions, as a random number generator is used there.


Betting can be done in several ways

Won a bet on number 14


Online Roulette and its peculiarities

Features of this type of game in online casinos

Ideally, there should be no differences from an ordinary casino. The main problem of online versions consists in choosing the game type and a manufacturer which will suit you best of all. Here are the main characteristics to consider when making your choice:

  • Game type (USA, EU, FR);
  • Number of zeros. The most important parameter – the more zeroes are on the wheel, the less chances of outplaying the casino. Try choosing the types having only one zero on the wheel.
  • Jackpot availability. Classical versions do not have jackpots but some online ones do. For example, Roulette Royale from Novomatic;
  • Maximum bet on a number;
  • Minimum bet on a number.


Reputable developers of gambling soft try not to change the classical rules. It is acceptable to change design, background sounds but traditional game mechanics should remain unchanged. We can make judgments about a total correspondence to traditional rules by the example of «3D Roulette» from Playtech. At the same time, this developer also offers «Marvel Roulette» and «Mini Roulette» which make significant adjustments to the game field. If you want to use the classical version, you need to consider that the machines’ names should contain such words as «American, French, and European».


How to win more frequently

Are there ways to win more often?

There are several recommendations how to increase your winning probabilities. The first one is to ignore risky bets. A probability of their winning is too little, so only lucky people may take a chance. If you want to minimize the risks, choose odd/even number or a color to place your bets. In order to raise your chances, follow these instructions:

  • Before buying chips, use the free table to practice. Probably, your casino does not offer such opportunity but any online gambling machine provides a demo mode. Try using it to spin the wheel.
  • European Roulette is more beneficial than the American one, because it has one zero. Try to avoid sitting at the tables with the USA-wheel.
  • Monitor a consistent pattern in the ball movement if you place your chips on a single number. However, you should remember that it is impossible to say for sure which slot it will choose.
  • Do not consider that you are smarter than the casino you play at. Your overweening conceit will result in your loss.


Play roulette with one zero

Play in the European version, not American


The most important thing is not to let yourself go, trying get all at once. Remember, that is exactly why 90% of gamblers sustained losses. Arm yourself with patience, place bets carefully and be victorious.


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